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I enjoyed this movie a lot more than I expected to, mainly because of the action scenes and Shia. I liked his and Megan Fox's characters the most, then the Soldiers from the beginning but the movie kept coming to a dead stop for me every time it focused on the Government and the computer hackers, though Anthony Anderson was funny. The blond reminded me too much of Claire from Lost, while John Turturro and Jon Voight were pretty annoying. The movie was way too long, as I started to lose interest near the end and it left me feeling empty afterwards, maybe I'll enjoy it more on DVD
Still have another 2 and a half weeks before it opens here. To be honest I won't be expecting much from it story & plot-wise, but by all accounts the visuals are meant to be stunning.

A nice diversion for the offspring and myself when it opens I guess.

Oh and I caught that untitled JJ Abrams trailer over on looks rather interesting. That JJ is being a busy little bunny of late isn't he?
There was a choir throughout, which was nice, though unoriginal, but there are a few shots where it was strings only. I think when the heroes hold hands. It was short, but classy.
you mean when the autobots arrive? I thought that was done with choir. where is Kaya Savas when you need him

anywho it sounded a bit too much like "Batman Begins" for me to enjoy it but it was still a decent score. love that Deceptacon theme
My problem wasn't Bay but the plot, which was full of holes and dead ends. LeBouf was fan-f**king-tastic, and when I could actually tell what was going on the robot fits were impressive. The score was the Bay usual, but there was one great moment when the Autobots crash into earth where the composer chose to use strings only. That was nice.
Mikey Mike catches on quick. Happy
yeah anyone that likes this movie is an idiot unlike the smart well educated bunch that can't stand it, because those smart folks know quality cinema more than us slack jawed yokels that liked this movie
Transformers was what we've come to expect from Bay. It was miserable.

As for the auteur remark; it's possible if you use today's loose stadards for what an auteur is. But we need to remember that being an auteur says nothing about the quality of the art; just that the artist has recurring themes that he frequently touches upon/deals with. I suppose making c**p after c**p movie for the dumb masses of the world, notably America, is grounds for being called an auteur.
What about the Untitled J.J. Abrams Project trailer before the Transformers movie?  That was interesting!!
I loved it. It was corny and old school awesome. And I did like the references to his previous flicks, like the BB2 shot previously mentioned and the kid saying it was 10 times cooler than Armageddon. But I wish they didn't digitize the hell out of Megatron's voice, cause I could barely make out Hugo Weaving doing it. Plus they never even had him, ya know, transform.
I have seen it and liked it for what it is, I wasn´t expecting anything else.
And I do think that for better of worse he´s an auteur, after all that´s what they do, they have their own style, even better directors like Spielberg always have similar themes in their movies.
For the record, even though I enjoy Bay´s movies (even Armageddon and Pearl Harbor) I don´t say or think he´s a great director, to me the title goes to guys like David Lean, Terrence Malick, Ridley Scott, etc...
By the way, did any of you saw his own shot copying Bad Boys II
Has anyone seen this one? (eh, stupid question) Well did anyone see it and like it? I saw it the other day, and I just kept thinking what the hell just went on.

But here's the question I want to ask you guys... would you call Bay an auteur? His films basically follow the same formula: explosion, slow motion, gun shots, shakey cam, explosion... Of course, "Transformers" is the best thing he's done since "Bad Boys 2" (yeah, I said it. "Hot Fuzz" made me come to realize it), but is that saying much? And another question, when walking into a Bay movie, what would you expect? (besides the obvious action, of course)

Also, your opinion on the film here.