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Tv shows on dvd

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Not only that, many of the shows have not yet released beyond Season 2 or 3, let alone the complete series!
I could tell they were bootlegs from the cheezyness of the site and by the fact that wonder years is there.  Only one of the highest anticipated releases yet to come out.
coolguy stop advertising that!
it's a BOOTLEG DVD selling shop

I saw 90210 Complete Collection DVD and I realized it because it is not released officially. only the first two seasons.
hi guys, I have some link here Tv Shows on DVD. Check this out. Site about classic and new TV Shows on Dvd.
Most of my TV shows on DVD are of the animated variety, and they often have a big problem with edge enhancement and noise in bright reds. I notice that a lot of British series (PAL or NTSC) often look very soft.
i dont mind grain, its the horrible pixelation i hate.
I think it all depends on how the companies that own the rights to the shows treat them. I find most TV shows on DVD to be of excellent quality. 20th Century Fox has done a really good job on their older series' like Time Tunnel and Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, both look great. I've read that Mission: Impossible season 1 also looks great. I'm amazed at how good the picture quality is for Mickey Mouse Club serials like the Adventures of Spin & Marty and the Hardy Boys look, considering they were made in the 50's. New shows look amazing on DVD, especially Lost.

I have a few that are grainy, some episodes of the Munsters, Beauty and the Beast has a lot of grain throughout. I also don't like the transfer of the final set for the Adventures of Superman, throughout most of the episodes, the picture looks terrible for a minute, then good and then terrible again. That said, I love watching TV on DVD, most of the time the picture looks better than what I get on my satellite TV (DirecTV), plus I love the extras when Included and being able to see shows I can't normally see, when I want to.
Tv shows on dvd
Just wondered why many tv shows look rubbish on dvd. (region 2 in my case)  i recently bought the boxset of life on mars and it looks rather poor.  no better than sky broadcast.  The backgrounds suffer from pixelation and the grain looks unnatural most of the time (digital grain)  I noticed this on men behaving badly boxset also.  i know the production qualities of these shows are no match for film but why are they handled so poorly.  surely the companies can put out a product that is better than digital broadcasts rather than the same pixelated mess in many scenes.  If a tv show looks grainy or flat thats fine.  But i can't stand compression artefacts as i notice them all the time on sky broadcasts.