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Twin Peaks DVD

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I got my copy last week and just finished all of the episodes. With the exception of a few grainy scenes on some early episodes, the video is excellent. I enjoyed season 2 a lot more than I remember liking it. There's a couple of weak storylines, like James getting framed for murder. I really love Nadine going back to school and falling for Mike. The best stories from season 2 are the solving of Laura's murder and the Windom Earle arc. I watched all of the regular episodes then went back to the European version of the Pilot. It was interesting how they ended it but I think the American ending worked better, especially the way the series went along afterwards. I watched the deleted scenes, all 4 of them on disc 9, but won't be watching the bonus disc for some time due to an abundance of discs to watch.So far it's a great set.
Ah, therein lies the mix-up, sorry. I watched the series in one go earlier this year (taped from God knows when), followed by Fire Walk With Me, so it's hard to remember it all in specific detail very well.

I'm going to probably wait and get this at Christmas, along with a few other longly anticipated releases.
Cool, thanks for the info. I'm going to order my set soon. We hear what Laura whispers in an episode from season 2.
Hmmm, well I just saw the ending, and I was wrong. It is very different, however, it's been awhile since I saw it, so I'm not sure how much closure there was... But yeah, and we DON'T hear what Laura Palmer whispers... Sorry about that. Although the dream DOES take place 25 years later.
I thought I read somewhere that they reveal who killed Laura and it was different from what happened in the series and the ending had more closure. If it turns out to be just the dream bit, I'm going to be disappointed. I'll get over it though, I mainly want the series. I've been catching bits and pieces of episodes on the Chiller channel and enjoying them still. The DVD will be the only way I can watch the entire series without missing anything.
As far as I know, it's the same, except for Cooper's dream, where we hear what Laura whispers to him. And Coop has the dream 25 years later or something.

Keep in mind people haven't seen it yet, so let's not ruin the fun of it for them eh?
Twin Peaks DVD
I heard this set includes the European version of the Twin Peaks pilot.  I never knew there was such a version.  Anyone seen it before??  Any interesting storylines?