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Ugly Betty DVD - Episodes in wrong order?

Forums - Discs & Movies - Ugly Betty DVD - Episodes in wrong order? 


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You guys are right about 2&3 i was mad about that but episode 4 is fine where it is when it air on fox they added a whole looking back think with Betty and Christina and the Gucci purse from swag (it was is that past) this episode takes place in the present they just cut out the little part at the beginging when betty was leaving!!! So episode 4 is okay where it is.....but i havent watched all the dvd's but do they show betty leaving mode?
Check amazon, I can't be arsed to check.
What? Least I'm honest about it.

This edition have Spanish subtitles??????????

thank you for letting us know
Tell me about it. I feel the same way. For a show that you can't watch from any episode without starting from the beginning, and in the order it was shown on TV!!
That's a bit c**p!
Thank you Nic Mall. I think I'll wait for Disney to fix this bloody mistake, before they even take part of my money!!

And I have sent your complaint to who will pass on the info to Disney.

And I hope they do fix this soon, so I can enjoy this brilliant show, again!

I've just received a reply from Gord Lacey, from and he says....

They're in production order, not airdate order.

Hope this helps.
Nic's DVD episode list.....
queens for a day
Box and the bunny
Fey's sleigh ride
The Lyin the witch and the wardrobe
Trust, lust and must
after hours
four thanksgivings and a funeral
lose the boss?
fake plastic snow
sofia's choice
in or out
im coming out
icing on the cake
dont ask dont tell
punch out
petra gate
secretaries day
a tree grows in guadalajara
east side story
************* episode guide...

The Box and The Bunny  
Queens for a Day  
Fey's Sleigh Ride  
"The Lyin', the Watch and the Wardrobe"  
"Trust, Lust and Must"  
"After Hours"  
"Four Thanksgivings and a Funeral"
"Lose the Boss"  
"Fake Plastic Snow"
"Sofia's Choice"  
"In or Out"  
"I'm Coming Out"  
"Icing on the Cake"  
"Don't Ask Don't Tell"  
"Punch Out"  
"Secretaries Day"  
"A Tree Grows in Guadalajara"  
"East Side Story"  

Hmm looking at that it's only a handful, but still annoying!
It's Tom, and he's off slacking somewhere until Thursday. Send me a list and I'll pass it on.
Could you ask one of the guys who does to ask?
Purdy pleaaaaase Happy
I'll even do an episode list for em Happy
That's pretty shocking. If it was the R2 I would email to find out more, but I don't deal with R1 distributors.
OH MY GOD episode 4 on the disc is episode 11!!!!
Matt wrote: I find it disturbing that you know that...

I quite like it. I think the lass that plays Betty is quite cute as well.
Hmmm so they are in the wrong order.
Tsk. Bloody Disney
Chris Gould wrote: The book episode was episode two.
I find it disturbing that you know that...
The book episode was episode two.
Ugly Betty DVD - Episodes in wrong order?
Anyone got Ugly Betty yet on DVD?

Is it me or are episodes 2 & 3 back-to-front? Shouldn't the ep where "the book" is stolen be episode 2 not episode 3 like it is on the disc.
I'm asking cos when it says "previously on Ugly Betty" the flashback doesn't make sense if you watch it in the order it's on the disc.