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Ultimate James Bond DVD Collection is COMING!!!!

Forums - Discs & Movies - Ultimate James Bond DVD Collection is COMING!!!! 


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Thanks for the tip Ponce. You're definitely right about the ineveitable HD format. Who knows the Bond will have a HD treatment within the next few years. I'll definitely save my money for now.
Even if I was that interested in Bond, I could never bring myself to part with that amount of cash for an always incomplete/work in progress box set. You always end up with 20 films (or however many it is) in a nice box and then a lonely copy of the latest film they've just made. Surely the point of a box set is that all the films are complete and boxed. One complete collection. As long as they continue to make Bond films, any box set will be incomplete as a consequence. As a collector (who these sets are aimed at) you'll always know that the collection is missing the next film and will have to buy yet another 20 film set to maintain the illusion of completeness.

They should make the box with extra space for another 4 or 5 Bond films so at least the set it's good for more than a couple of years.

Added to that, why buy this particular set again on DVD when HD is just around the corner. If I was a Bond fan, I'd be quite content with whatever box set I had, plus Die Another Day, and wait a few more years for the inevitable HD Boxset. You'd save yourself a couple of hundred quid. Surely this is only Sony's blatant last/first gasp at ringing money from the franchise. You all know better than to fall for it. Save your pennies. Spend what you save on other DVD's if you must but don't give it away.
This project has been in the works from early 2005, the DVD's will be out Oct/Sept 06.  You can get a general overview here:

From what ive read, they are going to release the 'Ultimate James Bond Collection' at the time Casino Royale comes out in the cinemas, on Blu-Ray.
C**p, I didn't think of the Sony angle. That's probably why it was delayed in the first place. It wouldnt surprise me if the set was around the $300 - $500 mark.

If they were smart though, they would shoot for $100 - $150. A LOT more people would consider it then. I know I would.
stanton heck wrote: Since MGM is now owned by SONY I can bet the price will be higher than the last box set.  SONY aways is higher

I certainly hope not!!!
Since MGM is now owned by SONY I can bet the price will be higher than the last box set.  SONY aways is higher
This has been on teh way for quite sometime and was probably delayed before. Concepts in the past have included a cheese platter looking plastic case that housed all the DVD's done on gold discs ala Michael Jackson's History CD.

All the movies have been restored, remastered and scaned to 4k video for future releases too.
Yeah. I know not "official", but it's still 007. "Casino Royale" is good for the TV version included as an extra. "Never Say Never Again" is cheap. Nice additions to the collection.
22? Casino Royale & Never Say Never Again?
As big a 007 fan I am, I will pass on this set. I have all 22 007 DVDs and see no need to get these.
Aaron Schneiderman wrote: All I can say is that I hope they utilize the original poster art.
A while back I downloaded and printed these off myself. They make for a very nice matching set when the spines are placed side-by-side, use the original poster art, and altering the special features listing to match whatever Sony throws on the new discs shouldn't be too difficult for most. In this list Die Another Day isn't available, but if you're clever enough a quick search around the 'net should uncover it.
I have a cheap box set I got that is good enough for me. Is'nt this like the third time around?
Great news Mark..wonder how much it will cost.
All I can say is that I hope they utilize the original poster art.
Ultimate James Bond DVD Collection is COMING!!!!
I've just bought the new release of R1 "Fun with D**k & Jane" and checked out the Special Features. In the Previews section, there's a preview for an all new "Ultimate James Bond DVD Collection". Why do they do they tell us now??? I already bought two boxed sets of the last James Bond release!!

Anyway, thought you should know that all 20 bond films has been digitally restored, remastered and the best part - all has DTS 5.1!!!! There are also never before seen footages included in each films.

No date was mentioned except that they are coming soon.

Will have to sell or give away my two boxed sets soon....
Not happy about doing this. But excited about the new boxed sets.

So I recommend any of you to check out this preview. You'll find it in new and future Sony Pictures DVD's!