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Uncut and proper uncut versions.

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Try these sites for some interesting censorship info:
chopping list & Refused Classification & [url=]dvdcompare[/url.
The first two are mainly for Australia....
Interesting site - Melon Farmers. I think it is true that the BBFC are economical about the truth regarding cuts. However, I still have an issue with present day acceptance of films and the continuation of cuts from the pre cert era. Can I just add though why I have such an interest in these films. Firstly, they are a great investment and getting your hands on the authentic pre cert VHS formats is getting harder and more expensive. Secondly, and finally, I have this twisted liking for films which are "believable". For example, I do belive that places like the Texas chainsaw Massacre do exist in the deepest bowels of America. You won't see me hiking around there. I do believe that if you went camping in a forestthen a mad nutter will hound you down and get you. ( The burning ). The zombie's flicks are a bit over the top regarding storylines ( never happend in reality ) but cannibalism has hence the reason why films like Ferox are so believable. I think the age of " believable " horror films are finished because every genre has been exploited and that is why film like Friday the 13th part 1 has stood the test of time. But back to my original point, there is a lot of hypocrisy because modern day films are allowed to prosper whilst the older and obscure titles remain penalised. Just though i'd pass a Sunday afternoon with my wisdom.
It can be a bit of a minefield trying to distinguish what's cut and what's not. Sometimes a BBFC certified 'Uncut' is still a cut version as an R rated cut version might have been submitted.

The original Saw film is an example of this. Both cut and uncut versions were classified as being 18 it's just that one was an R rated cut and the other was basically a U.S. unrated version.

The BBFC are getting better at making information relating to cuts available to the public via their website. They are still not totally open but better than they used to be.

Another good source of info is the Melon Farmers site. They have compiled a lot of info on what has been cut over the years (of particular interest to you as they have a lot of info on '80's nasties'Wink and what versions are available to buy.

Hope that helps.
You're a bit taken with all this uncut gory stuff aren't you? The original version of Ichi runs for 129 minutes in NTSC format. The PAL version would be 124 minutes. I have the Dutch PAL release, which is identical to the much more expenses Japanese release in terms of film content. The UK release is only 120 minutes PAL because it's had a lot of the sexual violence removed. If you got it from eBay and it's the three disc 'Perfect Edition' then it's a bootleg (as are most of the 'uncut' releases of the film on eBay).
Uncut and proper uncut versions.
I recently set out to but a copy of Ichi the Killer. The item was stated as fully uncut. This ran at 124 minutes. However, another site had it uncut at 129 minutes. This is not the only film I have a problem with. In the past I have bopught the uncut version of evil dead, especially the second one. I know for a fact thyat a scene had been edited ( the one where the guy gets chopped up and his body parts are shaking on the floor ). Again this was the "uncut version ". I am lucky to have the true, 100% versions of other films such as dawn of the dead ( the scene with the children being killed is included ) and all the 70's and early 80's cannibal films all on the original VHS and Betamax format. However this does raise another issue. With the special effects of films being so advanced now, why are films like Saw 2 unedited because with all credit it leaves some of the earlier banned films atanding in the shade as far as special effects is concerned. So. how do I know the real unedited lengths of films which are banned or heavily edited. Is there a website with this info?