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Universal and Dreamworks DVD labels.

Forums - Discs & Movies - Universal and Dreamworks DVD labels. 


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Rock on Chris! Nice move indeed!

Hey Nic, pointless pap or not, no-one deserves to have c**p like that leveled at them. Bravo to you tho! Wink

Ooops.....Realised I never actually commented on the thread itself..Happy

As discs go, sure its nice to have a purty picture on it, but I aint gonna lose sleep if it dont...the only time you see it is when you take it out of the box.

So I think I'm saying that...urm..oh yea...I really couldnt care less as long as the thing plays!
I think you should re-read the thread cos I didn't make a comment about the manufacturers...all my posts have been pointless pap in this thread!
Agreed...Nic does indeed ROCK!  Er...btw Nic, you do realise I was agreeing with your point about penny-pinching DVD manufacturers, as opposed to commenting on Gunsprout's comment?...
GrnStrMovies wrote: Nic Mall
to tell you the truth your a f**king b***h
and you do not f**king rock

*cheers for Chris*
That'll learn him to bad mouth my woman! Er, I mean our woman. No, I mean the only woman to visit this site. Wink
GrnStrMovies wrote: Nic Mall
to tell you the truth your a f**king b***h
and you do not f**king rock

Dude, whats your major malfunction?

In the long time I've been visiting this site I have found Nic Mall to be nothing but humourous, witty and intelligent. Three qualities which you dont seem to possess.

Another thing you dont seem to possess is tact. If you want to spread vitriolic bull, then please find another site to do it. I'm sure I speak for most people when I say comments such as yours, are most certainly not welcome. You should be ashamed of yourself.

And do rock! Wink

Rant over....
GrnStrMovies wrote: Nic Mall
to tell you the truth your a f**king b***h
and you do not f**king rock


I actually get your point about the dvd labels - surely if their aren't going to invest in some sort of design the cost should come down? (i'll save 5pence on that :D)
Nic Mall
to tell you the truth your a f**king b***h
and you do not f**king rock
I never said anything about laziness? I just turned the thread into a farce with my crazy theories of whats his name having superpowers....
I'm with you on the laziness of not printing the actual discs with something Nic, as it always seems to be a 'cheap' looking item somehow when you open the case for the first time...
So he must be able to stop/slow time then. Becuase the disc spins so fast any normal person can't see the disc art....
or he has a see-through glass dvd player!
Maybe he has X-ray eyes. And if he does have x-ray eyes, I'd be miffed about the finer points of X-ray vision if I were him.
(Like not only seeing through chick's clothes but also through frustrating!) :D
It really doesn't because the disc is either in its case - where I can't see it - or in my dvd player - again, where I can't see it.

Universal and Dreamworks DVD labels.
I'm usually not one to complain, but this has been driving me nuts ever since I picked up Slither last year.  Universal and Dreamworks have been screwing the pooch with their lack of DVD label art on their discs and it just angers me when I go and spend 15 or 20 bucks, hoping to get a great looking DVD and then I get a boring silver disc.  I know it's trivial, but does this bother anyone else?