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Universal Stuidos and DVD Label art

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Lucky, at least half of mine do. Everytime Lenscrafters has a sale, they clean up because of me...
[quote=Mark Lim wrote] a DVD lens cleaner

But my DVDs don't wear glasses
Don't you guys have a DVD lens cleaner for your DVD player? I have one, and I clean it once every three to four weeks, depending on how much usage you go through with your player.
The lens cleaner even have a surround sound check up, so you can check if your speakers are working properly.
Those tongs seem to be a must-buy. However money is tight for me. The picture quality for my DVD player seemed to be worsening
and I had to buy a new needle. It's better now.
Matt said: a DVD Rewinder. I need one of those, but they're so damned expensive. Although it's ironic, the ammount of fees I've paid for returning DVDs not rewound, I could've just bought it in the first place.
...or special order yourself a pair of DVD tongs. They're pretty nifty and even come in Steelbook packaging. I think there's a discount if you order them in bulk or in conjunction with a DVD Rewinder.
Or someone else's fingers. No, wait...
A simple way to avoid fingerprints is to use your toes
...So then hold them properly...
I know now why some of you are complaining about the labelless DVD's. I too, do not want to look at finger marks left on DVD's if they are not held properly!
Well I bought the 2-disc dvd set of JFK and they stuck the 2nd disc in small sleeve inside the box.  Weird
Alright that's it. It's one thing to be labeless but to be flapless as well, I've a good mind to keep buying these DVD's regardless just to show them.
Paramount did the same thing with Mission Impossible 3 Collector's Edition, not only that, but they didn't even put the 2nd disc on a flap(which studios like Dreamworks used to do).
I handle the discs alright I just want some art work when I pay so much money on a movie.  They look like knock off's Universal needs to change this.
Maybe just be carefull handling the discs....
Maybe we should start the rumour that the labels, over time, slowly etch through the plastic and eventualy kill the media layer....
Yes I also hate dvds that don't have any label art, like Slither & the King Kong 2005 Exteneded Editon both were clear discs with just the movie title on the disc. The discs seem very cheaply made when they come like this plus it is very easy to get finger prints all over them which sucks.
Bloody hell tsk tsk outrage and the likes
Universal Stuidos and DVD Label art
Has anyone noticed that recent Universal Studios releases have no label art. Just some black lettering stating the movie and it looks very cheap.  If I am going to pay about $20 I would like some Dvd Label art.