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Upconverting DVD Vs. Blu-Ray & HD DVD

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In the UK we pay way more for stuff than you do. Most HD titles over here are £20 in store, and I've seen some as much as £30 (for a single disc). Even online prices are still around £15 and above for most tiles.
Depends where you get your HD discs Chris. I get mine from, they're only $5 more on average.

Sadly it looks like that is gonna stop soon. There is no way I'm buy a blu ray player over $200.
It's cost. Both HD formats up-scale SD content, they just cost a lot more to do it. There's no more need to by your whole collection over again with either HD format if you don't want to; just buy new releases in HD. Of course they cost two to three times more than SD DVDs, so we're back to cost.
Upconverting DVD Vs. Blu-Ray & HD DVD
Hey everyone, I read somewhere (I can't remember where exactly but when I refind it, I'll post it.) that Upconverting DVD players are out selling both the new HD formats, Blu-Ray & HD DVD. There was a ratio, I believe it was 10-1 but take that with a grain of salt until I can find the article again. I don't know if this is just in America or global (I'm sure, it was in America from what I can remember.) but I found that interesting because it shows average consumers just don't seem interested in purchasing everything all over again in another format (I do agree with that, I must say). I've talk to a good amount of folks & they believe upconverting could be the more popular thing with the average consumer. Well, just a little information for anyone who wants to talk about this subject.