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Vengeance Trilogy review

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I haven't watched it yet. At what time(s) does this occur? Have you got it yourself or is it word of mouth?
There are synch issues with the Korean language tracks on Lady Vengeance disc (disc 5) and the commentary for the alternate scenes for Lady Vengeance (disc 6) are not optional as stated on the box.
Are you going to do image comparisons of the boxset and with the single releases. The korean disc didnt have dolby digital on my fade to black version.
The fade to black really didn't work, and the Korean disc had dolby digital on it.

I hope to have a review of the 3-disc Oldboy set up just before it comes out.
I can't even play the fade to black version cos I dont have dts, I just hope the boxset has it wil dolby 5.1 or summet
Where exactly did you read that? Park Chan-wook supposedly supervised the Korean LE, but the colours were screwed on that set. The theatrical version had all of the colour drained out of it, while the fade to mono version was basically the same except it went to monochrome towards the end. I find it hard to believe that's what he intended.

The HK R3, UK R2 and US R1 are all have the same colour scheme as the film when it played theatrically in the UK. They're oversaturated, but that's how the film looked at the cinema. Even the posterisation in the image towards the end was present in the theatrical version.
I bet when they bring it out on r1, the boxset will have better pic and will include all th extras from the oldboy 3 disc set

Do you know if the lady vengeance disc is gunna have the colours how they were meant to be, cos I read that there is currently no release with how the director wanted the colours to appear
Also don't forget Oldboy 3-disc R1 should be out soon which isn't included in the R2 boxset...
I've requested it, just depends if Tartan send it to me or not. Will probably only be a technical appraisal/comparison of the DVDs rather than a review of the films themselves, because they've already been covered here in detail.
Vengeance Trilogy review
Hi, is there going to be a review of this boxset on hear with image comparisons. I just need to know if it's worth getting. I was thinkin about selling the ones I have and getting this. I have oldboy r2, mr ven r1 lady ven korean. The annoying thing is that I bought these and then this boxset got announced, just my luck. It's only 40 quid on