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Viacom opts for HD DVD

Forums - Discs & Movies - Viacom opts for HD DVD 


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The 'Fox' titles just proves wat i thought.  There is NO WAY that High Def DVD of any make will replace the DVD collections of anyone.

Any collector of films will still have hundreds of DVDs forever.  Because the only thing being released (and lets face it, the odd titles aside, it will always be like this given the high spec of the format and the cost to smaller companies of re-releasing entire catalogues all over again) are big, new and or popular films.

So until either Blu Ray or HD has won, and until a dual format standard upscaling DVD/High Def DVD player comes out at an affordable price I'm not remotely interested.

I have a full spec 1080p LCD TV to take whichever format wins and an upscaling DVD player which will never be removed (unless for that dual/upscaling player) so it's now a waiting game.

Yeah, this'll help end the war reeeeeaaaaal easily.
Even though I prefer the technology of Blu-Ray over HD-DVD, at this point I don't give a s**t. I just want High-Def discs that I can own and watch without having to worry about wasting money on a system that may be absolute in a couple years.

Damn yous Bill Gates.
Actually, Fox just announced around 29 titles for release this fall, including Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Independance Day, all four of the Die Hard films, RoboCop, and Cronenberg's The Fly.

Story Here.

Oh well, I thought it'd be sooner when I could focus on one format...ya'all have Microsoft to thank for extending this thing out further than necessary by promising all kinds of money to Paramount. I was so looking forward to Transformers on Blu-ray too. Good thing that both Universal and Paramount have the weakest releases of the major studios I guess, Bourne and Transformers are the only HD DVD releases I see myself picking up anytime in the near future.

And is it just me or does anyone find it strange that Paramount's announcement doesn't include Spielberg's films, yet Close Encounters is getting a Blu-ray release with format exclusive extras with him involved?
Man, someone is getting rich off this format war.

I wonder what Fox will do next and if this is what they've been waiting for. Which side to choose? Ip dip dog s**t, you are not it.

More concise and thoughtful comments to come.
Viacom opts for HD DVD
I see Viacom has changed position in respect to the HD formats: