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Sorry to bring this thread back up but the DVD and blu-ray is coming out Nov 18, 2008 and they both are going to have a guess what? A DIGITAL COPY! >.>
Sam Spade wrote: 1)Wall-E
2)Finding Nemo
4)Toy Story
5)The Incredibles
6)Monsters Inc.
8)Toy Story 2
9)A Bugs Life

Whoa whoa whoa. You ranked Toy Story 2 BELOW Cars. Dude.... sorry but that list is instantly shenanigans because of that fact. Toy Story 2 is easily one of the best sequels ever, fully surpassing and expanding upon the original. I mean, I agree Wall-E is tops, but TS2 at 8 is jsut blasphemous.
2)Finding Nemo
4)Toy Story
5)The Incredibles
6)Monsters Inc.
8)Toy Story 2
9)A Bugs Life

Wall E beats all simply because of how insightful it is. Delving deeper into themes (environment, consumption, relationships) compared to any other Pixar film. Not to mention the fact that the first half hour has no speaking parts, we are humanize robot, and the scale is just huge. I live by the ocean, love the ocean and all sea life. So my second pick kind of goes beyond film aesthetics.

Kids were cracking up like crazy and talking aloud when I saw Wall E. They were completely into it.
Where we went was an independant cinema and all we got was about 4 trailers all aimed at kids and the orange ad and that was it .. Brillant
I believe the average length for ads and trailers combined in the UK is about 20 minutes but routinely I'm finding that there's 15 minutes of ads, 6-7 trailers (12-14 mins) then the sponsorship tags (the odd minute) and finally the cinemas own feature presentation tag.

Not to mention at various times throughout the year when advertising companies also want to buy the golden slot right before the feature as well. I have joked in the past that what really needs to happen is for 3 or 4 ads to be spliced in at every reel change then it'd be just like watching the film on TV.
Here in Australia the adds range from 15 to 25 minutes.....
Took my 5 year old daughter to see this. It was her first trip to the cinema so I was more concerned with her enjoying the film and not being bored by it to fully relax and enjoy it myself.

The film is really good but (and I'm loathed to compare it to them) it wasn't up there and firing on all cylinders like Toy Story 2 or The Incredibles. However, if it's one of Pixar's weaker entries then it's still head and shoulders above most other films out there. The environment is fantastically realised and there are moments that will genuinely move you but I have to agree, (and this isn't to underestimate 5 year olds)  unless the 'kids' fully engage early with WALL-E the first 30 minutes or so could have them fidgiting. It wasn't like there was much slapstick going on early in the film to keep younger children on side. It was mostly scene setting which is great for people who appreciate a film taking it's time but it's a tricky balance when your primary audiance is children. Unlike Toy Story or Incredibles there's not too much humour in the film. That's not a failing it's just inherent in the story it's telling but I only counted one full on belly laugh where the audience just gave it up. I don't think it would be a spoiler but in case all I'll say is 'Rolling people'.

I'd put Wall-E with Ratatouille in that it's themes are more for the older kids and adults than under 5's.

Having said that, my 5 year old did seem to stick with the film. I don't think she'd rate it above her Barbie Fairytopia DVD's but she didn't need to leave multiple times for 'a bathroom break' so I can recommend the film and for any parents out there unsure about taking children to see it cos they've heard concerns about the first 30-40 minutes being dialogue free, don't let that stop you taking the kids. Probably not under 5's though.

They can wait for the DVD.

Oh, if in the UK and visiting Odeon, be aware the ads and trailers could be up to 25 minutes long. That and the Pixar short (which has more potential laughs than the feature) could try your patience a little if your eager to get to the film.

As a projectionist and customer, 35 minutes to get to the feature is far too long for adults or children. Never mind the children being bored before the film, I'm fed up too. Programmes should be 15 minutes max. And no more than 3 trailers. And is it me or have the current Orange promo tags run their course. The Snoop Dogg/Rob Lowe one's. Cheese and rice they're painfull.

Still, anything is better than the old doulbe features years ago. You're patiently waiting for Superman 2 but your forced to sit through a 40 minute 'short' about glass blowing or that old standby from the 70's 'Escape from the Dark'. Mining and pit ponies. Lovely.
Bah, The Incredibles was quality and even Finding Nemo was good. Granted that film about the rat was c**p, but they can't all be winners.

WALL-E is really good. Of lot of what makes it so great is the Ben Burtt's sound design. Considering the characters don't really talk for 80% of the film, it's incredibly entertaining. Obviously the animation is excellent, but everyone always goes on about that.
I'd like to see this but i think Pixar's inventiveness, great characters and story telling started and stopped with the two Toy Stories.
Went to see this yesterday and I think I enjoyed it more than my 3 year old daughter..
Another bold step forward by Pixar ,but I don`t think it`ll be everones cup of tea partically the under 5`s..

Any one else seen it yet ?? what do you think ??




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