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Warning - Canadian Sin City Recut & The Island

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I'll go get my torch and pitchfork.
Cheddar J. Cheese wrote: What other titles so far are 'defective'?

Like I said, pretty much EVERY major release. The last straw was broken with me when I got The Wizard of Oz box set, and it was inexplicably lacking the 1933 cartoon. Besides what I get this christmas for presents, I'll never buy Canadian again so long as the dollar is favourable.

I actually used to buy nothing but the US versions from the net when DVD was new and the selection here sucked. Then the selection came up and I didnt have to anymore, but the editions of the movies were exactly the same. Then the canadian versions started being different then the US ones, but it was just the cover and it was on a few select titles. Then more titles. Now its just about every title, and now the content is changing, with us usually getting the shaft for no reason. Nuts to that.

I'm sick of being treated like I'm second class.Annoyed

I say us canuks ban together and go burn something

Hey did you guys take them back? Sounds like false advertising and misrepresentation, if the stores won't accept them, talk to your local trade practices authority (not sure of name).
What other titles so far are 'defective'?
...and I thought that Polish Editions suck...sorry for you men Happy
Wow, Sin City has it too? Wow, Canadian DVDs are really messed up.
Warning - Canadian Sin City Recut & The Island
Not only does it come unnecessarily messed up from Alliance Atlantis, but it DOES NOT have a DTS track. Instead, you get a french 5.1

Wasn't that nice of them?

Also, I'm hearing The Island is missing a 5.1 track at all. Instead you get a french and english 2.0

Everyone, do youself a favour and NEVER buy the Canadian version of a DVD again. It's to the point where there is something missing or wrong with just about every major release.

Buy from a US retailer instead. You'll get a better product.