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Oh, sorry...didn't mean to cause trouble. Wink

It comes with a slipcover that has a lenticular 3D image on it. Pretty cool looking. Same image as cover though.
Just to clarify, it's not region A, it's region free. Just in case that worried anyone.
Yay! My Director's Cut BD  (Region A) just shipped! Will have it tomorrow! Can't wait to have a look at the PIP track! Also pre-ordered Coraline, but that hasn't shipped yet for some reason.
Well, I've finally read the comic. Months ago. And so, my final verdict on the film--somwhere around a 7 or 7.5.
SpiderRock88 wrote: I really want to watch this movie, do you guys recommend?This was really good and its my second favorite film of all time! 10/10!
there are lots of music references in the GN so I guess that's where they took their cue from, but it was a very bad call. like you said it was in your face and just downright distracting

one of the many disapointments with the movie
The one thing I remember from the film was the in-your-face, almost cheesy use of music... not having known anything about Watchmen before seeing the film, I was just wondering if that was done on purpose?
I remember in some of the 'video journal' segments showed a lot of footage of the Manhattan street corner, specifically with Jackie Earl Haley. So I'm very excited to see that integrated into the feature.
i really liked it and plan buying the blu-ray when it comes out.
I liked it, and plan to go see it again, and naturally buy the DVD when it is released in it's various forms.  I am also a fan of the comic, and have been for years.

A friend of mine, who I saw it with, and had never read it, and went into it as Watchmenvirginal as possible, said it as slow, and did not spend enough time on the characters to make you care about them.  He espesially pointed out Ozymandias as one that could have used more early screen time, and needed people to know him better before the end.  I do agree, because it would have made it more poignant.  

Maybe in the deluxe, director's cut edition, we will see more footage, and the rest of the novel brilliantly brought to life.

I thought it recreated the comic almost page for page but injected nothing particulaly profound or meaningful. I got the feeling it was like watching a film for those too lazy to read the graphic novel (a bit like the first few Harry Potter films).
It's all quite dazzling to see on screen but i was left wondering what the point of this adaptation was.
I enjoyed Watchmen, unfortunately I didn't find what the movie was saying all that amazing. Basically just telling me what I already know. Zack Snyder definitely has his own formula going. I saw many similarities to 300 as far as plot structure. Loved the twist at the end.

I agree, definitely outstanding visuals(this is how digital is supposed to be!) and Malin Akerman is a goddess.
Saw this a couple of days ago.

I haven't read the graphic novel and kept away from reviews. Had seen some 'making of' stuff on various sites though so was reasonably virginal going in.

As I said it's been a couple of days for the film to sink in and have to say I've never come out of a film feeling as stunned and dazed as with Watchmen.

I really went in wanting to give it a fair go and not to be too critical given my lack of interest in graphic novels but I did feel the film never quite got into gear. The opening was fine, the titles detailing the alternate timeline through the 70's, while interesting, was I felt a bit unclear. This might be to do with my lack of familiarity with the source material but I can appreciate that presenting any alternative time line/history (including one that included real Superheroes) was going to be a big ask of any 'newbie' so I (as Clair Rainer used to say, "pressed on".

Throughout the next 2 hours I alternated from being impatient for the film to kick in (I felt that it had biopic sundrome in that it felt like it was ticking off events rather than forging ahead with a story) and being utterly captivated by moments of startling originality despite conforming to the typical confrontation of 'Superheroes' at the end.

Is is a great film? If greatness is to be measures in length then yes, Watchmenis a great film. I think a better adaptation if the source material might be out there but I'm not going to pretend to know what or how that might be.

The fact that the film exists at all (in this form) is an acheivement in itself so I'd say the world of cinema is better with this film in it that without it for sure.

My thoughts on whether I like or love the film are a work in progress. I did ask myself a hypothetical question though shortly after seeing it. Would I rather watch Dark Knight or Watchmen and I came down on the side of Watchmen.

SpiderRock, you ask if we would recommend Watchmen? I can only say whole heartedly, yes. Go see that f**ker. Twice.
I really want to watch this movie, do you guys recommend?
Bumping up this thread because of spammy douchebag.

And I'm still of two minds when it come to this flick. I'm not sure if I love it, or if I just like it... I'm gonna have to see it again.
I saw this last night. Unfortunately, I've never read the comic, but all I can really say is that I loved this movie. A solid 8/10, if you ask me.
She could have that in her IMDB Triva section, 'Known for having a weird jaw'.
She's got a weird jaw.
£ukasz D wrote: P.S> Malin Akerman is damn hot Happy
I second that, she's way way hot!!
just got back from the theater....

and must say i loved it Happy. Snyder did fantastic job with this adaptation. It's sharp, violent, strong, vivid, sometimes funny. And as i expected - visualy stunnig.

P.S> Malin Akerman is damn hot Happy
Just got back.

Fantastic adaptation.
It kinda sucked that we went to IMAX Darling Harbor early yesterday and both 6/9 PM session were sold out . But we already booked our place tonight, should be a fun and long night!
I'm goin on Friday evening..can't wait.

I loved "300" so i know that Snyder is goin to do just fine.
i dont know anything at all about watchmen,but the very first trailer had me stunned & ill be seeing it in 2 days time.roll on friday.
Good deal. I was thinking about seeing it in IMAX, but I'd either have to drive 40 minutes north, or commute into the city, both of which are not options given I have to be at work at 8 the next day, and I'll take as much sleep as possible. Plus, since they're not doing anything really special like the IMAX scenes in TDK or the 3D in Supes Returns, I'll save the extra cash it would cost for some Jamba Juice and junk food.

Sam Spade wrote: I am over the hype... I decided I will watch it the first day it comes out and give a giant middle finger the the hype...

I'm not sure seeing it opening day is really the best way to show how much you hate the hype that surrounds Watchmen. But s**t... whatever gets asses in seats is fine by me.
Jersey Jedi wrote: You know it. They're giving tickets away for the Zigfield premiere on K-Rock NY radio, so I'm desperately trying to get some of that. But I still bought tickets to a local theater just incase. U?

Thursday, midnight, IMAX. Happy
I am over the hype. I have been arguing with myself for sometime whether I should grab the graphic novel and read it or not. Now I decided I will watch it the first day it comes out and give a giant middle finger the the hype. Enough is enough is enough, I can only take so much hype before I say to myself "screw this."
You know it. They're giving tickets away for the Zigfield premiere on K-Rock NY radio, so I'm desperately trying to get some of that. But I still bought tickets to a local theater just incase. U?

Got your tickets for Thursday night?
So who else is lovin the Watchmen theme on the site? I know I am.

As I've probably said a few times around these parts, I hated "300" with a passion. That being said, I've been following this production for awhile now, and thought that this was in good hands with Snyder. After seeing the trailer in front of Batman Thursday night, I know that it is.

That being said, there's a few things they could (and probably will) polish up a little *cough*Dr. Manhattan*cough*. I know it's early still, so I'm not too worried, but the CGI stuff isn't impressing me. But the "300"-esque style kinda suits it for me... I hope he doesn't go overboard with the slo-mos again, because as dramatic as "Watchmen" is, too many (or any if done poorly) slo-mos would be a worse idea than Spoiler being in Manhattan on November 2nd 1985... Wink

Anyways, been eagerly awaiting this one, and yeah...

Can't wait to see the motion comic, tried doing something similar myself a few months ago... Too much work, too little time Tongue.
Teaser Trailer
Watchmen Motion Comic
EW Cover Story

The Watchmen hype train is in full effect. Figured a new thread would be a good place to pool our collective praising and pining.