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Stanton- How did the 3-D look?  Was it any good?
At show west last year Lucas Cameron and Klieser (the director of Grease)  were there to show off the new 3-d process.  I am not sure how it works but they do not re-shoot anything.  I am curious about seeing "Star Wars" in 3-D. Star Wars 3-D comes out Summer of 2007. In 2008 its "Empire" 2009 "Jedi" and so on.   I am just wondering if "Lucas" is going to tamper again with  "Star Wars", "Empire" And "Jedi".  For some reason I bet he does
Aaron's right about the Star Wars films.  I just wonder how in the world Lucas is going to pull off the 3-D versions that are suppose to be coming.  Wouldn't the original elements have to have been shot in 3-D?  Or are they just going to be reshooting all the special effects shots again?
Re-releases don't kill a classic. They just eat up my savings because I cannot resist having the better version. Sometimes the re-release is inferior and it has no effect on me at all. You would have to do something severe to the film to ruin it. Capt is right ...colorization is an abomination but George Lucas is on a slippery slope with his constant re-tooling of the Star Wars films. I hope he will leave well enough alone in the years to come but I won't hold my breath.
The reason why studios "doulbe dip" is because they know it will sell. What gets me mad in 2000 a certain studio I worked for (can't say) withheld content on a movie so they could re-release it again (and they did last year) and say with never before scene footage.  This was c**p.  Its not that the studio was releasing this movie as a single DVD.  The movie was a double DVD but they cut out some good things.  When the re-issued it again of course 80% of the stuff was released.  I am sure they will put out the other 20% on a future HD-DVD release.

And release Sound of Music on DVD for the 6th time, I believe.
You could always colorize The Maltese Falcon.
Ways to "kill" a great classic
I have been thinking about this for a while now. One of my favorite movies is MASH (the movie). So far MASH has been relased 3 times since 2002. In 2002, 2004, and 2006 MASH has seen different formats.

In 2002, MASH was released in a double dip "Five Star Collection" Edition.

In 2004, MASH was re-released in a single dip edition (All that was done was disc one of the "5 Star Edition" was given a new package).

In 2006 MASH was re-re-released in a double dip "Award Series" Edition (a repackaging of the "Five-Star Collection" edition.

If there was to be another edition, then I know that 20th Century Fox is trying to make money off a re-hash release. That would be a good way to kill a great movie.