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West Wing 7 Series boxset

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Thanks a lot, makes me happy to know this information!
I have the box set and it works fine. It is not RCE encoded. A way round RCE is if you can, set the region code while playing the disk to be specifically region 1 rather than multi region

As a further point there were also several other ways to work around the problems such as skipping to another title before the test played. That said only a limited number of discs were released with it and none have used it as far as I know in recent history. It was in itself a pretty flawed system that was probably more a scare tactic than a valid defence.

[Edited to correct my misunderstanding of R.C.E. Description from Wikipedia]

Also known as just 'RCE'. This was a retrospective attempt to prevent the playing of one region's disks in another region, even if the disk was played in a region free player. In practice, the scheme was only ever deployed on a handful of Region 1 disks. The disk contained the main programme material region coded as region 1. But it also contained a short video loop of a map of the world showing the regions, which was coded as region 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. The idea was that when the disk was played in a non region 1 player, the player would default to playing the material for its native region. This played the map which it was impossible to escape from, as the user controls were disabled.

However, the designers of the scheme failed to fully understand the mechanism by which region free players worked, and thus a workaround was quickly found. A region free player tries to play a disk using the last region that worked with the previously inserted disk. If it can't play the disk, then it tries another region until one is found that works. RCE could thus be defeated by briefly playing a 'normal' region 1 disk, and then inserting the RCE protected region 1 disk, which would now play. RCE did cause a few problems with genuine region 1 players.

Excellent, thanks for the information.
I have the West Wing Seasons 6 and 7 personally from Region 1, and they work fine. So you shouldn't have a problem. I don't see why it shouldn't work.
Oh yeah, multiregion DVD player is fine, but my research suggested that RCE was intended to prevent some multiregion players from playing R1 DVDs. To be safe, I was hoping that someone could specifically say whether R1 West Wing is thus afflicted.
The first question I should ask you is "Is your DVD player multiregion"? If the answer is yeas, then you won't have a problem playing the Region 1 West Wing Set. I buy lots of Region 1 with no problems. If you don't have a multiregion player, then, go get one. It's quite cheap now.

The RCE is just some chip that prevents some players oustide the U.S. to play the DVD. I haven't had any problems with these whatsoever.
West Wing 7 Series boxset
I desperately want to buy this from Amazon (Region 1), but I was confronted with the RCE message before I completed the purchase, which has got me concerned. (I live in Region 4).

Does anyone know whether these have RCE?