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What are your thoughts for 2007 Oscars?

Forums - Discs & Movies - What are your thoughts for 2007 Oscars? 


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Only joking.
Intergalactic Ponce wrote: Adrian wrote: Who really cares what the foreign press thinks?

Spoken like a true Yank. Here, here!Happy

Didn't mean to sound like a xenophobe there.  I respect the BAFTA and things like that, but never quite understood the point of the Golden Globes.  Why are the foreign press giving awards anyway?  It's not like we have the national press giving an award show.
Mystic River to me was just am all star version of a "Law & Order" show
I agree that Children Of Men should get a nomination for editing, and maybe even a director nod for Cuaron.  For a mainstream film, he took incredible risks by having so much action in very long shots.

I think it'll probably do better in British awards (BAFTAs, Empire) than in the US though, where it's only just come out and was buried early on by Universal.
Adrian wrote: Who really cares what the foreign press thinks?

Spoken like a true Yank. Here, here!Happy
I thought Mystic River was entirely heavy handed and trite. The opening scenes were like something out of an afterschool special. And all these great actors doing sub-amateur impersinations of these characters? Only Kevin Bacon deserved any credit for that one, Robbins and Penn were awful. I actually resented the critics for convincing me to see it. Then Eastwood threw a little hissy fit about how the Lord of the Rings movies were just expensive video games, and Robbins attacked the films for being shot in NEw Zealand, I just about s**t myself.
All of the Golden Globe categories need to renamed and rethought.  They are just terrible.  However, I find it hard to really care about the Golden Globes.  Who really cares what the foreign press thinks?

I wouldn't be surprised to see Children of Men get some nominations.

What was your problem with Mystic River?  I really enjoyed it.
Children of Men and The Fountain were the best theatrical releases I saw this year (I'll be seeing Pan's Labyrinth this Friday). I don't expect any major nominations for either. Children of Men may get a editing nomination, and Clint Mansell's score may get The Fountain a nomination, but I don't expect much else. The fact that TWO American made film's were nominated for best foreign language film at the GG's is utterly asinine. That category really should be for foreign film, not simply language.

I'm also sick of Eastwood winning Oscars. After Mystic River I don't trust his behind the camera skills anymore, and frankly haven't seen any of his post Mystic River releases. I saw plenty of the films he made between Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby, and they were all pretty bad (Space Cowboys was OK).
No, they'll give it to the guy who directed "Babel", Alejandro González Iñárritu. "Crash" but with violence instead of racism... This will probably win, despite "Crash" winning last year (if it is nominated).

I truly hope "The Departed" and Scorsese win though.
Pan's Labrynith is a lock for Best Foreign Film, I saw it a couple days ago and it's the best movie I've seen this year. I think for Best Picture, it's gonna be either Dreamgirls or The Departed, and  Best Director will be either Scorsese or Eastwood(for Letters from Iwo Jima, which was fantastic).
£ukasz D wrote: As for the best actor..i was blown away (as alwayes) with Sir. Anthony Hopkins in "World Fastest Indian"..i 'd love to see him nominated and win.

The only problem there is that the World's Fastest Indian was released in 2005 so it is not eligible this year.  (It was show theatrically in New York and LA in December 2005).
What a load of pretentious W**k.............
Hoping Children of Men gets a few nominations. Best Editing, Cinematography, or Screenplay.
Pan's Labyrinth for Best Foreign Language for sure.
As for the best actor..i was blown away (as alwayes) with Sir. Anthony Hopkins in "World Fastest Indian"..i 'd love to see him nominated and win.

As for the best picture..."V For Vendetta" although I know it will not happen.

And i'de love to finaly se Martin Scorsese get  an Oscar.

But..will see Happy
"Little Miss Sunshine" is too popular, like, it was the independent movie that everyone saw. Hopefully it will get recognition.

"The Departed" may be nominated (we all know Scorsese will be nominated, but won't win), but I doubt it will win.
I would love for Pan's Labyrinth to get nominated for Best Picture and I'd love to see Ivana Baquero to get nominated for Best Actress but I doubt that will happen Sad
I hope "The Departed" & "Little Miss Sunshine" get nominations for director and picture!  I saw "Dreamgirls" it was good however "The Departed" was great.  "Flags of our Fatheres" is great and so is "Letters from IWO JIMA"
Unless The Fountain gets some nominations (which it most likely won't) I don't care.
Helen Mirren is a lock for Best Actress, I saw The Queen last night and I agree with all the buzz.

I like the idea of Best Child Star but I'd rather something like Best New Talent sort of thing for a great debut performance. I guess if the performance is THAT great it should be great enough to win a normal Oscar though.
I want one thing out of the whole Oscars. Soon I want to see a "Best Child Star" award. There are tons of child stars (Breslin anyone?) that deserve to be nominated that I think are gonna be cheated out of the Oscars.
What are your thoughts for 2007 Oscars?
Now that one of you have spoken about your dissapointment in past winners when your fave films did not get any oscars, now you can discuss your your predictions on who might be nominated and/ or win the Oscars in 2007?