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What comic book adaptation would YOU like to see

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What about Nick Fury (of course without Will Smith being interested in the latest adaptation because Nick Fury in my mind is always a white guy!)?  The Hasselhoff TV movie was OK, but I think someone else could do btter and make it like a new James Bond franchise in the vien of the old 1960s spy movies with the gadgets of a Bond film.
Dark Knight Returns
Iron Man
Batman Beyond (was animated but did appear in some comics)
I am surprised that nobody has developed "The Adventures of Tin Tin" or "Terry and the Pirates" Both were making the rounds in Hollywood and I believe that Spielberg was attached to "Tin Tin" awhile back. He and Mr. Lucas borrowed heavily from Milton Caniff's "Terry and the Pirates" for their Indiana Jones films. Both of these properties could be major franchises for the studios.
i want a movie based on the Dark KNight Returns
Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn
What about Andy Capp?
Flash Gordon!  But it would have to be handled with an integrity that would be true to Alex Raymond's original Sunday strips from the 1930's and 40's---unlike that dreadfully campy 1980 version.  Can you imagine what a Flash Gordon movie would be like with today's CG effects?  WOW!
Alpha Flight Directed by Me
You mean like Law & Order SVU?
Iron Man. A spoiled rich kid gets passed over to run the family biz. So he goes off to do reporting in some war torn country and is hurt. He builds the suit of armor to keep alive and starts to take back Stark Enterprises. Dealing more with the fact he makes money off the blood of others
My negativity toward Daredevil has to do with the poor acting, dialogue, fight choreography, soundtrack, effects and casting decisions (I honestly felt it was the worst movie I saw the entire year of 2004, and yes, har dee har, I see plenty)

That said, I'd like to see Hellblazer.

If anyone says "Constantine!" I will emasculate them.
Yes, females, too.
I kind of agree with Aaron.  A lot of the negativity towards Daredevil had to do with Affleck.  However, some of the CGI was really cheesy on the big screen.  It's not so bad on DVD though.
I thought Daredevil was a very good comic book adaptation. I think there was a backlash against Ben Affleck and his over-exposure in the media. He did a great job in the role and I hope he gets the chance to revisit the character in the future.
Daredevil was alright.
Tony DeFrancisco wrote: Darren Russell wrote: Both Punisher and Daredevil were awful.Wow, I liked the Punisher.

While it wasn't great, I kind of liked Daredevil.
Aquaman - The Defender of Fish!

Oh yeah!!!!! Very Happy
Darren Russell wrote: Both Punisher and Daredevil were awful.Wow, I liked the Punisher.
Green Lantern!
A waste of money would be to make a Silver Surfer movie, Submariner, Captain America, Thor, Dr. Strange and any other minor Marvel character movie that's in the planning stages.
Some of the above mentioned characters are popular, but I just don't see Hollywood writers bringing them to the big screen with a decent story/script.  
They screwed up Hulk. The X-Men is okay, but could've been sooo much better.  Same thing with the Blade movies.  Both Punisher and Daredevil were awful.  Anyone seeign a trend here?  LOL
Not all characters are meant to be brought to life on the big screen.
An Avengers or Justice League movie would cost too much and on top of that the costumes probably wouldn't look right...and they'd have to stick them in black leather. LOL
I had heard awhile back that there would be a Silver Surfer movie, but I don't expect it will actually get made.
Thanks Gabe.

I think Arnold is a little ""long in the tooth" for the role of Doc Savage. I would like to maybe see Viggo take a stab at it. If handled right, he could be another "Indiana Jones" style hero. Casting "The Spirit" is a lot trickier... I would love to see Bruce Campbell take the role with Alex Désert (Becker) as his sidekick Ebony. I left out the Green Hornet.... Kevin Smith was supposedly penning a script for that one.
He was gonna executive produce it.
I thought it was Peter Jackson?
Speaking of Del Toro, he's in talks of directing that Halo movie that's being released in 2007.
The Avengers and Wolverine Spinoff.
Good choices Aaron. There's been talk for decades about Arnold being interested in a Doc Savage flick. I think G. Del Toro would get my vote as director, based on Hellboy.

Ghost Rider looks really, really bad so far.
Doc Savage and Will Eisner's The Spirit.
Yeah, with Nic Cage...who will probably play Johnny Blaze with a high, squeaky voice...
Chris wrote: Ghost Rider is out soon, is it not?Yeah, it's coming out over here in Summer of next year.
Ghost Rider is out soon, is it not?
I've always been happy with Toby, and think Genlynhall would've been all wrong...BUT after I heard Topher Grace was originally considered, I decided he was my top choice. The rumours state that he's playing Venom in the next one, which means they changed the character into more of a doppleganger and makes me happy. Venom's backstory is more than lame, but I think in a lot of ways he is THE ideal Spiderman villian, seeing that his abilities match Spideys and his goal is to make Peter Parker's life a living hell.

Seriously though, if you haven't read Preacher, you should all consider it. It's really that good.
So it'll probably suck. Avengers would be cool, if nigh on impossible. Power Pack might make a good family movie. Cloak and Dagger could be cool as well, providing it was suitably themed.

Iron Man is being done, or so I read. Thor would be a tough sell. They already blew Spider-Man by casting Toby Wooden Boy. I nearly jumped for joy when I heard that Jake Gyllenhaal might be replacing him for Spidey 2, but of course it never happened.
I know.
Hulk 2 won't be Ang Lee's Hulk, it's going to be a more "mainstream" Hulk.
Hulk 2 is being made. Punisher 2 is being made. Sin City 2 is being made... I don't know what else. Maybe a GOOD verison of Captain America.
What comic book adaptation would YOU like to see
AS I said in another post, I'm really looking forward to another Punisher flick with Tom Jane still in the lead, a NY setting, and an even closer adaptation of Ennis' "Welcome Back Frank" story line (the video game was probably as close as I'll get).

While on the topic of Ennis, I think that Preacher could make for a great film, and maybe an even better HBO miniseries.

Maybe after a few more Sin City and Batman films we can see a big screen version of The Dark Knight Returns, and I'm still holding out hope for The Watchmen.

Oh, and I'd like to see Ang Lee's Hulk sequel, but something tells me that'll never happen.