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Blade Runner
If Warner Brothers put together a box set (Like what they are doing with the Superman Movies) it would sell- at Halloween time.  This is what I would do
"The Exorcist" (with the documentary that as released on the 25th ann editon)
Disc 2
"The Exorcist- The version you never scene"
I would have audio comentarys with Linda Blair, & Ellen B.
I would also show re-edited scenes so it could air on TV.
Disc 3-
"The Exorcist II"- The original cut
"The Exorcist"- The re-edited Version.
I would also have comentarys from Louis Fletcher and Linda Bair.
I have a documentary about the controvery about the whole movie.

Disc 4
"Exorcist III" Theatrical Editon
"Exorcist III"-The original directors editon.
I would then have a documentary with the cast and how they felt about all the changes the movie had to go through (th re-shoots)

Disc 5- Exorcist-The Begining  (retain all of the dvd extras from its firest release)
Disc 6- The prequel to "the Exorcist" but let the director change things if he wants to. They could have a cat interview as well.
Disc 7- ALL the delted footage from all the movies (if available) All the screenplays as a dvd-rom extra.

Then I would include a CD of the Music.

If they can put together a great Box set it would sell.  These movies all of them have cult followings for Various reasons.

With the re-make of "The Omen" coming its only natural people will bring up "The Exorcist".  
The teenager in me "Halloween II"
The Adult "La Cage Aux Follies"
"Women on the VErge of a nervous .."
"COme back to the 5& DIme"
"Reds" "Ragtime" "Tootsie" "Absence of Malice" "Muriels Wedding"
What DVD do you want to see as A "Special Edition"
I would like to the the first 3 "Star Wars" movies before Lucas did those "Special Ediitons" for the 1997 re-releases.  I would also like to see a special edition of "American Beauty" with the deleted footage. I would love to see a special edition release of "Misery", "Ruthless People", and "A Star is BOrn" the 1954 and 1976 editions.  I would love too hear a comentary on the 1954 "A Star is Born".