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What 'extended' cuts would you like?

Forums - Discs & Movies - What 'extended' cuts would you like? 


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jmcclane 88

If having problems, have a look on the forums on the sites I listed, as there are other avenues...

Having now thankfully been able to 'source' this yesterday, I can confirm that Adywan's STAR WARS REVISITED is a fantastic achievement, and now my DE FACTO version.  What a difference some of his changes and ideas have made.  It's STAR WARS ON STEROIDS, which is what I wish Lucasfilm had done in the first place with their so-called 'special edition'.  But some of the best things are his more considered 'color-correction' and 5.1 Surround Sound alterations which Lucasfilm et al dropped the ball with on their DVD releases.

Adywan has now started on his EMPIRE STRIKES BACK REVISITED project (and is taking on board fan suggestions), and the teaser video can be accessed from the same YouTube link as above.  I can't wait for that too, and only hope that he continues with the WHOLE saga.
Very interesting post Cervantes, thanks for that. Be interested to see the Spider-Man, Die Hard 4, Jurassic Park and Superman II fan edits. Having a bit of trouble downloading them though from Rapidshare, I will keep trying, there is a lot of downloading to do with them.
I've just recently come across the interesting phenomenon known as 'Fan Edits'!  Type it into for details.  

you may be interested in having a look around these terrific sites too for what is achievable -  and

Personally, I want MORE not less from my so-called 'Director's cuts' and those sites are a goldmine of possibilities...

Finally, has everyone here heard about this recently released STAR WARS REVISITED project that a guy known as 'Adywan' has been working on himself for nearly two years?  It is generating a LOT of interest among fans.  Take a look at this for a taste of what he's achieved, and I've read that he's totally sorted the 5.1 Surround Sound failings as well as doing a heap of 'color correcting' that the 'Special Edition' DVD release messed up too.  Oh, and read the comments afterwards. -
Yeah more Twin Peaks Fire for me as well. In fact any Lynch will do.....

I'd like the full Southland Tales just for curiosity sake more than anything. In fact his original Sundance cut of Darko as well (not the vile Matrix directors Cut) would be nice.

Alien 3 Finchers cut. Tho the new version is so much better anyways.
King Kong 1976 Version
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
Superman The Movie:  The International Edition
The Bird Cage
A Star is Born:  Barbra Streisand VErsion
Can I get the missing parts from the various Star Wars movies added into the films???  Lucas could milk us all for some more money if they were there, consider it the Ultra Special Extended Uber Edition.
I've got two I'd really love to see.

In terms of extended cuts, I'd like to see a full restoration of the 3 hour, 8 minute '1981 ABC TV Cut' of Superman: The Movie.  I've got a VHS to DVD rip of it that's only about a 7 on a scale from 1-10 and I'd really like to see the complete film fully restored and in widescreen.

The Godfather: The Complete Epic 1902-1959 that was shown on NBC in the late 70s then released to VHS and LD in a big box set that reformatted the films in a chronoligcal order and included extra footage never before seen.  I know that both boxsets are long out of print and these deleted scenes are available on the new Godfather DVD collection, but I'd love to see a restored widescreen DVD release of 'The Complete Epic.'
IP, agreed about the 'Holden in hospital' deleted scenes, but I sure loved some of the additional shots that showed up new fantastic Production Design elements of the 'Blade Runner' sets that were shot, such as Deckard's brief approach through crowds and traffic towards 'The Snake Pit' club and it's alternate view of the 'hockey masked' dancers.

I'm only talking about wishing for extra snippets here and there that Ridley and his team built and filmed beautifully, and the same for 'Alien'.  What a difference a few seconds the previously unseen effects shots etc. would have made, although I agree the whole 'cocooned Dallas' scenes, while interesting, were superfluous in fact.  
Batman Forever

I would love to see the Two-Face escaping from Arkham scene add in the film and the Red Diary sub-plot as well.
The deleted cheese scene from Borat should definitely of stayed in the film, hilarious.

I'd like to see an Extended cut of Jurassic Park 3, to beef up the running time a bit.

Date Movie was short, uninspiring, and ultimately unfulfilling. Like Vic Reeves penis. (I'm guessing btw of course!!!)
There's a difference to the added scenes in Aliens/The Abyss and the one's left out of Alien/Blade Runner.

The scenes deleted from Aliens/Abyss were entire sub plots. These sub plots were removed to reduce the running time instead of pointlessly trying to pinch frames and seconds throughout the entire film.

From what I've seen of the deleted scenes in Alien and Blade Runner, as interesting to see as they are, they don't advance the story and were quite rightly left out of the cut. They are just scenes filmed that ended up either slowing the pace or repeating information implicit elsewhere in the film. Or they could have been sub-standard (effects or acting wise) or plain old just not needed to tell the final story. Did we really need to see the crew of the Nostromo cocooned? Wasn't their fate, at the time, better left to the imagination?

The Deckard visits Holden scene is just an odd scene to me. Interesting but the tone of Holden's performance doesn't fit with the character presented ant the start of the film. In my opinion.

As for Titanic, NOOOOOOOO! I'm a big fan of the 'achievement' of that film but for the love of Pete, please don't make it any longer. The historic aspects of that voyage are well documented elsewhere. There is no room for historical accuracy in Titanic anyway. It's a lurve film.

I'm also reminded of a Vic Reeves joke about Titanic. I'm paraprasing (and won't go into the setting up what was 50% a visual gag) but he said Titanic was very long and sad at the end.

Like his penis.
I have always wanted a Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me extended version, the deleted scenes were extensive.

Also (and I know I will get some flack for this...) Titanic. Since a lot of the deleted scenes were of historical relevance and not the love story element, these would have been nice to have been in an extended cut.
What 'extended' cuts would you like?
As someone who had previously hoped for a little MORE in the way of extra footage to be incorporated into Ridley Scott's 'Final Cut' of 'Blade Runner', I was disappointed that some great deleted scenes (seen in the 5-disc boxset) were left out.  

Same with his 'Alien:Director's Cut' where some fantastic stuff on the 'Quadrilogy' boxset was still left out.  As I designer/artist myself, I realise it's his creations and his 'creative choices' at play here, but I sure would have liked to see alternative 'extended' versions of both these movies.  I wanted MORE, not less, and indeed some actual 'trimming' is excercised in both cases from their original theatrical releases.

James Cameron's Aliens:Special Edition, The Abyss:Special Edition, along with Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings Trilogy:Extended versions and King Kong:Extended version are all cases where EXTRA footage enhanced these movies greatly for me.

There are plenty of other examples of Director's mixing things up a bit on DVD releases, such as Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T., Gladiator, Superman:The Movie etc. and of course the Star Wars saga.  In fact, there are many fine deleted scenes from the Star Wars saga that I wish HAD been re-incorporated into the actual DVD releases, so I was just wondering what movies anyone here would like to see 'extended' with extra scenes that are available...