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In order of release date (kinda)

The Proposition
Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (SUPER PUMPED!)
Poseidon (most likely)
The Da Vinci Code (most likely)
The Omen
Nacho Libre
Superman Returns (SUPER PUMPED!)
Pirates 2
A Scanner Darkly (AWESOME!)
Lady in the Water
Little Miss Sunshine
Miami Vice
The Science of Sleep
Taladaga Nights (most likely)
Clerks 2

And I would say The Fountain, Southland Tales, Sin City 2 and The Prestige if they were coming out anytime soon Happy
X3, Poseidon & Superman Returns.
Next year I look forward to Meg.  If the actual effects look anything remotely like this (and this is just a demo to get Hollywood's attention)...I'm so there!!

A Scanner Darkly
Art School Confidential
The Notorious Bettie Page
The Science of Sleep
Snakes on a Plane
Little Miss Sunshine
A Prarie Home Companion
Silent Hill
silent hill
united 93
pirates of the carribean 2
clerks 2
Casino Royale maybe
miami vice
world trade center
not rocky VI
The Da Vinci Code

nd really later in the year:
Pick of Fate(the Tenacious d movie!!! can't wait)
The Hobbit
Superman Returns
Sin City 2
Saibogujiman Kwenchana (Cybord Girl)
Exiled (Sequel to Johnny To's "The Mission"Wink
Miami Vice
The Departed
X-Men 3
Mission Impossible III
Tales from Earthsea
Kung Fu Hustle 2
Flags of Our Fathers
Young Hannibal (but would rather a Hopkins sequel)
Casino Royale
Rocky VI
I haven't been keeping track of what's been announced, but here's a few I'm wanting to see this year.
A Scanner Darkly
For Your Consideration
Strangers with Candy
The Science of Sleep
maybe Clerks 2 and Art School Confidential
This year or overall?

This year -

Da Vinci Code
Miami Vice
Xmen 3
Superman Returns
probably Snakes on a Plane
Pirates 2

A few more.

Overall there are some classics I've been meaning to watch, Like Gone with the Wind and The Maltese Falcon.
Superman Returns
Da Vinci Code
Pirates of the Caribbean 2

and late in the year...

All the King's Men
I just got back from seeing Scary Movie 4... David Zucker is a pure comedic genius... what a funny movie that was. Had a few plot holes though, but aren't they supposed to be like that?

Anyway I want to see:

Mission Impossible 3
Da Vinci Code
Pirates of the Caribbean 2
Clerks 2
United 93
World Trade Center
Snakes on A Plane
and Superman Returns
Snakes On A Plane
Silent Hill
I'll see most of the summer movies.  I generally go to twilight shows right after work and the movies are only $4-$5.  (I have a theater directly across from work).  All I have to do is have a bit of time.
Ahhhh....  Summer Blockbusters.  Let's see...

Snakes on a Plane
Superman Returns
Silent Hill
See No Evil
The Omen
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

There are others that look interesting, but I'll wait for the DVD to buy in.
What movie(s) is on your "Must See List"
'Superman Returns'
"Snakes on a plane"