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I suppose it depends on the listener. A lot of people can't hear PAL speed-up, whereas I can.
Can you tell the difference when listening to a particular track though?  

It's not one of those Spinal Tap moment where metaphorically it goes up to 11, when really you can just make that particular one louder?
Actually Dolby EX is not discrete - the 7th channel (middle rear) is matrixed (derived from the rear left and right channels). DTS ES is available as both matrixed and discrete, so it's 'technically' superior to Dolby in that respect. However, there's no real way of knowing if a track is matrixed or discrete prior to buying it (unless it's mentioned in a review).
Wish they would start bringing out the 10.2 stuff...
Ahhh because my lass is FINALLY buying me a sound system.

Not one of those hugely expensive things, but a decent one in anycase, and I just wondered if there was any reviews for it.

Sony HT-DDW870 Home Cinema System

Total 720W (RMS) output power
Dolby® Digital EX, DTS-ES, DTS 96/24,
Dolby® Pro Logic® II X decoder
RDS tuner
6 satellite speakers and 120W active
A/V Sync
Multi Stereo

Image too big for layout
Adrian is essientially correct.

Dolby Digital EX means 7 channels of discreet sound. One more beyond the standard 5.1 - which is directed at the left channel, right channel, center channel, left surround and right surround channels with one going to the subwoofer.

An EX track has room for one more channel placed between the rear left and right surround channels aka rear center. The signal is not sent directly there, it is derived from information in the left and right surround signals as interpreted by an appropriate decoder in a receiver.

DTS ES is the exact same thing, only with DTS sound in the place of Dolby Digital.

My basic understanding is that EX is a discrete channel, meaning that there is information specific for that channel in the encoding.  I think ES is a combination of the left and right surround channel that is broadcast into a center surround channel.
What's the difference...
...between DTS ES and EX?  Also does it require you to have an extra speaker if so where would you put it?

Please don't blind me with science, just give me the simple facts.