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what's the last dvd you sold.???

Forums - Discs & Movies - what's the last dvd you sold.??? 


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about to sell chinatown and double dip.
Why don`t we have a forum on here for people to buy and sell there DVD`s ?? if the powers that be would let us ???? CHRIS !!
i would never sell my special editions or limited's but if it comes down to it i'll  get rid of some barebones discs for cash at my local traders.
I'm currently selling a new I Robot Sonny head box set on EBay if that counts (Shameless plug!)

I got it for a good price, opened the box to check it out and it gave me the willies so I've decided that someone else can have it staring at them instead.

I seldom get rid of mine, but if I do I generally pass them on to friends. I don't like selling stuff I paid the best part of £20 for for a couple of quid on eBay, so I'd rather give them to someone appreciative. I have got the odd disc for sale (the link is in my sig), but these tend to be more recent stuff or OOP titles. I need to add a few of my duplicates to that list though, just to have a bit of a clear out (space is getting to be a problem).
I'd be lying if I said no.

There are a few, but I wouldn't sell/give those away either. I have a few that I've had for 4 years and have only watched once, but I may want to watch them again sometime in the future. And if I sell them, I won't be able to (without renting or rebuying something I had in the first place.)

Example: Logan's Run. It was $3, so I bought it, having never seen it and it would've been more expensive to rent it. I watched it, didn't much care for it. I may want to watch it again to see if it's changed (don't be smartasses, you know what I mean.) If I sold it, I'd have to go rent it or something, instead of already having it.

They're not hurting anybody on the shelf, so why get rid of them for the sake of getting rid of them?
So I take it you've never bought a DVD you wish you shouldn't have in the first place (i.e. a movie ,after watching, you didn't like it)

I never have, and probably never will sell any of my DVDs. I did give an extra copy of "Die Another Day" to my cousin, but that's it.
Whenever I double-dip I give away the original DVD to friends and family. It's good karma.
Sell them as joblots.

Not sold any DVDs recently but I'm currently selling an Anya Hindmarch bag (ask your wives/girlfriends) Ahahaha
I want to sell a load of my DVD`s of on Ebay,but every time I look to see what other peoples copies are selling like,it`s hardly seems worth bothering for £1 0r £2 !!!
what's the last dvd you sold.???
I know i always need extra cash so i slang a couple dvd's that i won't miss and it's cool.or maybe i'll double dip and sell and old version for a newer release.i'm sure others are in a similar position,for instance today i sold.
-bill and ted's most excellent collection
-broken arrow
-the faculty
sometimes you don't get enough money for what u pay but whatever.