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Whats the latest Dvd you bought?

Forums - Discs & Movies - Whats the latest Dvd you bought? 

26th October 2010 19:01  #811

OG_Mcdougal Member Join Date: September 2010 Location: United States Posts: 25
Recent Purchases:

Karate Kid Blu-ray
Community: Season 1
The Experiment
30 Days of Night: Dark Days
Harry Brown
Please Give

Picked up this week:

Wild Grass - Very different sort of comedy. Beautifully directed. The fact that Alain Resnais directed this at 87 is impressive enough. After showing the film at Cannes, they gave him a lifetime achievement award.

Lake Placid 3 - Killer Crocs and Gratuitous nudity. Need I say more?

27th October 2010 10:56  #812

hogaburger Contributor Join Date: April 2007 Location: United States Posts: 1,153
Recent blu-rays:

Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence
The Magician
Paths of Glory
The Thin Red Line
Apocalypse Now 2-disc
Ip Man
Red Riding Trilogy
Picnic at Hanging Rock
Seven Samurai
Darjeeling Limited

Recent DVD:

Take Care of My Cat
The Killer Inside Me
Your Friends & Neighbors

10th November 2010 19:14  #813

OG_Mcdougal Member Join Date: September 2010 Location: United States Posts: 25
Picked up Grown-Ups  on Blu-ray. Love Kevin James in this movie.

"Are you making a sissy? You know they make a chemical that turns urine blue."

17th November 2010 21:30  #814

hogaburger Contributor Join Date: April 2007 Location: United States Posts: 1,153
Been snatching up Criterion blu-rays thanks to the Barnes and Noble 50% off sale.

The Secret of the Grain
Monsoon Wedding
Wages of Fear
Modern Times
Vivre Sa Vie
The Red Shoes
Days of Heaven

Criterion DVDs:
Antoine Doinel Box Set
Sword of Doom
Samurai Rebellion

going back to look for Night of the Hunter

Also got Scott Pilgrim blu-ray

15th December 2010 19:49  #815

OG_Mcdougal Member Join Date: September 2010 Location: United States Posts: 25
3 Films This week:

The Other Guys
Just hilarious.

Mother and Child
Naomi Watts, Kerry Washington,  and Annette Bening. Excellent drama.

Micmacs (aka Micmacs à tire-larigot)
Same director as Amelie. Very interesting satirical take on global weapons trade. Goes to show you that a comedy can be just as effective in conveying a message as a very serious drama.  

30th December 2010 21:40  #816

OG_Mcdougal Member Join Date: September 2010 Location: United States Posts: 25
Easy A

Resident Evil: Afterlife

14th January 2011 22:00  #817

OG_Mcdougal Member Join Date: September 2010 Location: United States Posts: 25
El Mariachi Trilogy (El Mariachi, Desperado, and Once Upon a Time in Mexico). All of them just came out on Blu-ray

15th January 2011 10:00  #818

hogaburger Contributor Join Date: April 2007 Location: United States Posts: 1,153
Master and Commander
Little Miss Sunshine
The Social Network
Away We Go
Once Upon a Time in America

Flirting With Disaster
Exit Through the Gift Shop
Starting Out in the Evening

31st January 2011 5:22  #819

OG_Mcdougal Member Join Date: September 2010 Location: United States Posts: 25
Animal Kingdom. This is the best Crime Drama I have seen in a while. A female character in power (Jacki Weaver's character) definitely offers a different dynamic from the more typical crime family. Such great character development too. Very impressed with David Michôd in his feature film debut. It would be tough for Jacki Weaver to win an Oscar for this role given her opposition, but I hope she at least gets the nomination, as she did at the Golden Globes.  

Justified, the first season. Sort of a contemporary cowboy action series. Originally aired on FX. As far as I know, they're signed on for second season. It's Adapted from Elmore Leonard's stories Pronto, Riding the Rap, & Fire in the Hole. Timothy Olyphant is great as Raylan Givens. Gotta love the no bulls**t approach to justice.  

Virginity Hit. I originally found out about this movie from some posters on the subway advertising a "hotline for virgins." That makes me sound really cool. Anyways, long story short, I think this movie is hilarious.  Reviews were not great, but you have to keep in mind what you're dealing with: a teenage sex comedy. It's not supposed to win Oscars, it's supposed to be stupid and hilarious - which it is. Produced by Will Ferrell and Adam Mckay. Also has an AMAZING cameo by Rock N Roll GREAT and former Creed frontman Scott Stapp. I s**t you not.

Nowhere Boy. The John Lennon biopic by Sam Taylor-Wood starring Aaron Johnson (Kick Ass) and Kristin Scott Thomas. Very cool look at the early life of John Lennon and his struggles with teenage angst. A great idea for a film - very well acted and directed. Looking forward to seeing more from both Taylor-Wood and Aaron Johnson after watching this film.


Red Hill. I really enjoy Ryan Kwanten as Jason Stackhouse on True Blood and I have been very interested to see him in another role outside of that character. Here was my opportunity. He did not disappoint with his performance. In fact I'd say he steals the show. As Capone from AICN said "Kwanten is utterly badass." Don't let the fact that this is not a well know film fool you, it's an excellent suspense/thriller.

I thought Alexandre Aja did an amazing job with Piranha 3D. I had high expectations for him after The Hills Have Eyes. He did not disappoint. Totally worth the purchase in my opinion, esp for Aja fans, such as myself. Pick it up in Blu-ray 3D if you can - totally enhances the experience. Awesome, awesome film.

Red Band Trailer attached.

31st January 2011 17:53  #820

hogaburger Contributor Join Date: April 2007 Location: United States Posts: 1,153
Enter the Void
Almost Famous (best buy exclusive Director's Cut)
Animal Kingdom
I Am Love
The Kids Are All Right
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


1st February 2011 23:59  #821

OG_Mcdougal Member Join Date: September 2010 Location: United States Posts: 25
"A Woman, A Gun and A Noodle Shop" -  Chinese remake of the Coen brothers' 1985 film Blood Simple. Cool perspective on the original story. Major components aren't different, but the director ___ made a few tweaks to fulfill his vision of the story. Definitely recommend giving it a watch, esp if you're a Coen Bros fan.

"Welcome to the Rileys" - I thoroughly enjoyed this film. The cast is awesome- James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo are always on point. Cool to see Melissa in a performance pre The Fighter. Some people like to hate on Kristen Stewart. I get that, I'm not a Twilight fan either. If you can put that aside, I think you'll like her in the film. I thought she did a great job.  

7th February 2011 14:43  #822

hogaburger Contributor Join Date: April 2007 Location: United States Posts: 1,153
El Mariachi Trilogy
The Manchurian Candidate (1962)
Out of Sight
The Ghost Writer
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
Alice in Wonderland

25th February 2011 17:34  #823

OG_Mcdougal Member Join Date: September 2010 Location: United States Posts: 25
Wesley Snipes new film "Game of Death." As far as I know, it released in Japanese theaters, but not in the US. I'm a big fan of Wesley Snipes's action films and I thought this one looked interesting. The fight scenes in particular seem pretty intense. Kind of looks like a mix of Murder at 1600 and Blade. And by that, I mean the martial arts are amped up a bit, but he still plays a federal agent.      


Tamara Drewe  - The film is a rather witty British comedy on love and sex. The title character Tamara Drewe is played by the very beautiful Gemma Arterton. Not many other notable appearances, but all of the characters are hilarious - especially the two teenage girls.  The film is based on a comic strip/graphic novel by the same title. That comic strip was regarded as a modern reworking on Thomas Hardy's novel "Far from the Madding Crowd."  

Didn't really have any expectations going into it and I ended up thoroughly enjoying it.


I found this film to be really entertaining. It is what it is - a meat and potatoes action film. That said, there are also some effective twists in the plot that make it better than most from this genre of action film. I very much enjoyed Dwayne Johnson aka "The Rock" in the lead role. He plays the badass role really well. Maybe it's the fact that he can actually kick my butt in real life. The rest of the cast is pretty good too. I never would have expected to see BIlly Bob Thornton in a film with The Rock, but it worked. Billy Bob is also very good. I would recommend this film to any action fan or any viewer who is looking for some raw entertainment (aka gun fights and $h*t blowing up).

Get Low

Robert Duvall and BIll Murray - need I say more? Both of these guys are among my favorite actors of all time, so it was given that I would enjoy the film. Bill Murray has a unique way of blending comedy with drama. In Get Low he displays that ability quite nicely. The acting is phenomenal across the board. Lucas Black's performance is another one that stands out, aside from Murray and Duvall.  Film is also very beautifully shot. I read that this was director Aaron Schneider's first film. He did an excellent job.  

9th March 2011 14:34  #824

hogaburger Contributor Join Date: April 2007 Location: United States Posts: 1,153
The American
127 Hours
Still Walking
Fish Tank
Everlasting Moments
The Night of the Hunter
The Man From Nowhere
Santa Sangre

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
I Knew It Was You: Rediscovering John Cazale

16th March 2011 20:57  #825

OG_Mcdougal Member Join Date: September 2010 Location: United States Posts: 25

A bunch of my friends had recommended this one. After seeing them capture the Oscar for best doc, I figured it was high time I watch it. The content of the documentary is excellent. In addition to that, the film is beautifully shot. Very well done. Very Entertaining. They really break down the financial crisis nicely, in terms that pretty much anyone can understand. I also enjoyed the narration by Matt Damon. Oh and one more subtle detail, but I felt like it made the film better - the film score/soundtrack is great. All in all, I'd say that Inside Job definitely earned its Oscar.

15th April 2011 0:17  #826

OG_Mcdougal Member Join Date: September 2010 Location: United States Posts: 25
S.W.A.T. Firefight.

This was a great follow up to the 2003 film. It doesn't have the star power of the first, but I thought the cast did a great job nonetheless. The one very recognizable face in the film is Robert Patrick, who plays the villain. I've always thought highly of him in the villain role - esp. after Terminator 2. I also thought it was great that they filmed in Detroit. I'm happy to see Detroit getting some love from Hollywood. Very solid action film. The training sequences were especially cool.

How Do You Know

I didn't know much about this film before watching it. Needless to say, I was surprise to see multiple all-star cast members associated with it: Jack Nicholson, Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson, Reese Witherspoon. Not to mention, it was directed and written by James L. Brooks. A thoroughly entertaining comedy. I just find it entertaining to see several of my fav actors on screen at once, as they are in this film. Totally worth the watch. Has some really hilarious moments; you're bound to when you you have Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson on screen together.

Stand By Me

"You guys wanna go see a dead body?" - One of my favorite films of all time. I'm especially sentimental about SBM because it's a film I loved growing up. I just picked up the bluray. In my opinion, it should be a required film for anyone's collection. Such an great cast, way before anyone knew who they were.

The Tourist

This film has such a classy feel to it. So much elegance and luxury visually, topped off by two of the biggest stars hollywood has to offer. It's just cool to watch them interact on screen together - and in Venice of all places! I particularly enjoyed Johnny Depp's performance. I think he really nailed the role of the seemingly-genius idiot, as contradictory as that description sounds. The tackles a little bit of all genres Drama/Comedy/Mystery/Suspense, etc which makes it pretty unique.

Made in Dagenham

The film is based on a true story of a the Ford sewing machinists strike of 1968. The strike was huge for female laborers worldwide and led to the Equal Pay Act of 1970 (or so says wiki). Made in Dagenham dramatically depicts the events surrounding that strike. The lead role is played by Sally Hawkins, who is awesome in the film. Very, very funny. She plays Rita who unwittingly ends up in the forefront of this strike. As you can imagine, Ford gets pissed about the strike and drama ensues. I won't say much more, except that the supporting cast is also great. Albert Passingham and Miranda Richardson play memorable supporting roles in the film. Very uplifting. Not exactly the chick flick that I expected before watching. Definitely recommend Made in Dagenham.  

Country Strong

Gwyneth Paltrow played a really convincing drunk/ recovering drunk. You feel sorry for he and you want her to succeed, but at the same time you just kind of want to shakre her and yell "snap out of it!" ... and then the ending. Whew!

Anyways, great film. I really appreciated that all of the actors actually sang their own tunes. The story is much more believable that way. It really made the film for me. They're all legitimately talented.

7th May 2011 14:14  #827

hogaburger Contributor Join Date: April 2007 Location: United States Posts: 1,153
blockbuster near me had a bunch of used DVD's out for $2, so i went nuts

My Winnipeg
Saddest Music in the World
Science of Sleep
Avenue Montaigne
Standard Operating Procedure
Taxi to the Dark Side
Time Out
Mezzo Forte
The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Solaris (Soderbergh)
The Big Red One, reconstruction
Capturing the Friedmans
Roger Dodger
Boy A
Me, You, & Everyone We Know
Vera Drake
Riding Alone For Thousands of Miles

Recent blu-rays:
The Way Back
The Secret of Green Papaya
Yi Yi
BBC Earth: Human Planet
Evangelion 2.22
Taxi Driver
I Love You Philip Morris
Confessions (Hong Kong Region A)
Pulp Fiction (Hong Kong Region Free)

17th May 2011 8:15  #828

OG_Mcdougal Member Join Date: September 2010 Location: United States Posts: 25

As a big fan of the series, I was pumped about this one. I like how they tie them all together with the family connection. Thomas Beckett (Tom Berenger) isn't in this one, but is son is one of the main characters. I thought that was a cool spin in the series. Overall, it's a great, suspenseful action flick. The whole Sniper concept is such a badass route for an action protagonist.

I recommend SNIPER: RELOADED if you're a fan of the series or if you're simply a fan of action films.

THE HIT LIST. Cuba Gooding Jr. was awesome in this film! He plays a hitman, Jonas,  who starts taking out Cole Hauser's coworkers/family at Hauser's (joking/accidental) request. The plot really begins when Hauser figures it out and tries to stop Jonas. Very suspenseful. I'd definitely categorize it as a "psychological thriller"


THE ILLUSIONIST. Created by a French mime, director & actor Jacques Tati in 1956. It was written as a personal letter to his estranged eldest daughter. It's interesting to note that before watching the film. Also that the main character is an animated version of Tati. Very cool film, it received Oscar recognition for good reason! 


DROP DEAD DIVA. This was my gf's call. She's kind of insane about this show. That said, I have to admit that it's actually an entertaining show. Margaret Cho was my fav character on the show. Always got a kick out of her.


19th May 2011 1:13  #829

memphis77 Member Join Date: August 2010 Location: Canada Posts: 15
heres a list of the latest i bought all winners eh?


23rd May 2011 20:52  #830

hogaburger Contributor Join Date: April 2007 Location: United States Posts: 1,153
Deep Red
I Saw the Devil
Blue Valentine
The Thing (Carpenter)

Blockbuster had a sale on used blu-rays, 5 for $20, so I bought some that I otherwise probably would have skipped on:

Ninja Assassin
Terminator Salvation
Observe and Report
The Final Destination (guilty pleasure franchise)

15th July 2011 18:39  #831

OG_Mcdougal Member Join Date: September 2010 Location: United States Posts: 25
The Green Hornet

Really enjoyed Green Hornet. I'm a big Seth Rogen fan, so I naturally enjoyed his performance. Christoph Waltz was also great; after watching him in Inglorious Basterds, I am convinced that he is the perfect villain. The one who really impressed me is Jay Chou, who plays Kato. He was hilarious! He and Seth Rogen made such a great  comedic team.

The Mechanic

Jason Statham has said that The Mechanic is more grown up than his other work. I thought exactly that when I was watching the film. And I thought he played the role of Arthur Bishop perfectly. Likewise, I thought Ben Foster played the role of Steve very well. And the action - amazing stuff! I can't even imagine the amount of work and money that went into stunts and special effects.  Great film!

Another Year

The more I watch Mike Leigh's films, the more I love his work. He is an absolute genius behind the camera. The first film I saw of his was Happy-Go-Lucky, another comedy, which I thought was brilliant. This film is a little more subtle in its brand of humor, but I thought that's what made it so great. Leigh has a way of making an otherwise mundane situation seem very interesting (if that makes sense). The character interaction is so interesting to watch. And further, each character has great depth. The viewer is able to infer a great deal about each character without explicitly being told his or her history. It's no wonder Leigh's script got an oscar nod (nomination).

Awesome film! I highly recommend. Just released on DVD in the US. Not sure about UK, though I imagine it's already out over there, as Leigh is a brit.    

Hawthorne Season 2. Jada Pinkett Smith plays Christine Hawthorne, chief nursing officer at Trinity Hospital in Richmond, VA. Hawthorne essentially runs the ER, so most of the department's problems, big or small, fall under the scope of her radar. Her personality is a big part of the plot, so the show itself is fierce just like her. This role suits her perfectly. I've always appreciated Jada Pinkett Smith for being such a tough babe.   Mostly a serious hospital drama, but also with hints of humor.  Overall, an entertaining and inspiring show. I have been watching Season 2, which just came out on DVD and Season 3, which just started on TNT. I recommend giving it a watch!

Breaking Bad Season 3 . One of the best shows on TV. Season 4 is about to get underway, with Season 3 having just been released on DVD & Blu-ray. If you have seen the show, then you know how awesome it is. The plot follows Walt, a high school chemistry teacher, who is forced to use his chemistry genius to cook Meth after he finds out he is (potentially) terminally ill. He partners up with a former student of his and business ultimately booms for them. I won't reveal too much more because I don't want to spoil things for potential watchers. Season 3 was great and I'm really looking forward to Season 4.

Just Go With It

I'm a pretty big fan of Adam Sandler across the board. I'd say that JGWI is my fav film of his since 50 First Dates (which is tied with Happy Gilmore for my favorite).

Sandler films tend to be very strong when it comes to supporting characters. Brooklyn Decker and Jennifer Aniston make for excellent eye candy and  are both pretty hilarious in the film. The kids are hysterical - full of hilarious quotes. And my favorite character of all is by far "Dolph Lundgren" played by Nick Swardson. I hope he uses more of Swardson in future films.

“I am ze Dolph Lundgren, Devlin’s man-friend slash love-monkey!”

Barney's Version

I'm convinced that Paul Giamatti's presence in any film automatically validates it. Argue with me all you want, but I have yet to see a film of his that I didn't enjoy.

Barney's Version is a showcase of Paul Giamatti at his best. The story takes us through a roller coaster of experiences that is the life of Canadian TV producer Barney Panofsky. In my opinion, no other actor is better suited to interpret this ride than Giamatti. His character is not likable, yet somehow P.G. manages to captivate you and even convince you to root for him; a testament to his acting ability no doubt. The supporting cast is phenomenal too, with notable roles by Dustin Hoffman (my absolute favorite), Minnie Driver, and Rosamund Pike.

There's a reason why Barney's Version received such high acclaim during awards season. Highly recommend!

For any fans of the war film genre, Wolfgang Petersen's 1982 film DAS BOOT was just digitally remastered for Blu-ray. I now own both the original and the new director's cut. If you own, the original, I still recommend looking into it. If you own neither or haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and watch the film. You won't be disappointed. LA Times has called it "the most convincing war movie ever made."

*And fyi, the Blu-ray extras are incredible. Bonus features include:

-  full commentary with Wolfgang Peters
-  extensive documentary footage from filming in 1981
-  overviews of the control and captain's room, and then some

5th August 2011 19:06  #832

OG_Mcdougal Member Join Date: September 2010 Location: United States Posts: 25
Of Gods and Men

A true story following the kidnapping and murder of 7 trappist monks during the 1996 Algerian Civil War. Film won the Grand Prix award at Cannes. It is beautifully shot and beautifully acted. The two leads, Michael Lonsdale and Lambert Wilson, are incredible in their roles. It is hard not to fall in love with the both of them. And moreover, the film shines a beautiful light on Islam and Christianity coexisting in harmony. Great film - one of the best I have seen in 2011!


Beastly, which If you haven't seen is a modern day retelling of Beauty and The Beast. I thought they did an excellent job adapting the film from the Alex Flinn book (which I also enjoyed). Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens have great chemistry on screen together. And the supporting roles are spectacular - Neil Patrick Harris (so funny in this role) and Mary-Kate Olsen are my two favs. Overall a very cool retelling of the original. Very entertaining film. Highly recommend!

Boyz N The Hood. Just released on Blu-ray.

"Either they don't know, don't show, or don't care about what's going on in the hood."

Burke and Hare

Big fan of Simon Pegg, so I was pretty amped to see this one. I heard about it back in 2010 when it received a UK theatrical release. From what I understand, it's getting a US theatrical release in the near future. Currently it's getting a pre-theatrical release on SundanceNOW - a newer thing they seem to be doing quite a bit now. You can stream it there. Otherwise, maybe wait till it hits theaters.

The story is hilarious - a black comedy based loosely on the real Burke & Hare murders in Scotland in 1820s. I thought Pegg was perfect for his role, as was Andy Serkis. Also has an all-star cast supporting cast in Isla Fisher, Tim Curry and Tom Wilkinson.  

"I had confidence in a fart once, then I shat all over myself" - William Burke (Simon Pegg)

25th August 2011 16:34  #833

OG_Mcdougal Member Join Date: September 2010 Location: United States Posts: 25
Jumping The Broom

A film that some might mistake as a typical Tyler Perry film. Similar insofar as its ensemble cast, and an all-star one at that; however different in that this cast really comes through in the acting department. And a great script reinforces the great cast. I particularly enjoyed performances by Paula Patton and Angela Bassett. Both of them were incredible - and beautiful for that matter. How old is Angela Bassett again? She looks good!

Winter in Wartime. Based on a novel by the same title, the film  follows the story of a Dutch boy in wartime Europe who stumbles upon and decides to help a stranded British pilot. I thought it was a cool perspective on the WWII drama. The film won a bunch of awards at multiple festivals." border="0" />

Tales From The Golden Age

The film received Un Certain Regard at Cannes, which is a big deal if you're not familiar. Really incredible stuff. It's a comedy that captures life during the Ceausescu regime in Romania. I have to say - with no prior knowledge of the country before watching, I was really impressed and intrigued. It was a tough time, but even in tough times people always seem to find room for humor. Check it out and you'll see what I mean. Great film!  

2nd September 2011 13:27  #834

Edwise Member Join Date: October 2004 Location: United States Posts: 184
I ordered a 2-dvd set from Amazon's Canadian site of the "La Linea" cartoon shorts.  It was delivered to my apartment complex's leasing office yesterday and I will pick it up today when I drop off my rent.

In case you're not familiar with "La Linea", here's one of the cartoons on YouTube:

As the uploader's comment states, it used to be shown on the children's TV show "The Great Space Coaster" in the U.S.  Funny that I don't remember "La Linea" from that show, but I do remember Gary Gnu.  "No gnews is good gnews with Gary Gnu!"

17th October 2011 22:40  #835

OG_Mcdougal Member Join Date: September 2010 Location: United States Posts: 25
IN A BETTER WORLD. Won Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars and Golden Globes; and it won the audience award for best film at the Rome Film Festival. Definitely my favorite film of the last few years, possibly the last decade. Absolutely breathtaking in all aspects!

Scream 4 - An awesome 4th installment in the Scream series. All of the usual suspects (except the dead ones), with a few new youngins who did an awesome job - most notably Hayden Panettiere & Emma Roberts.

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