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What's your top ten DVDs?

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My precious top ten is:

5,  T2:UE

Honourable Mentions:

Lawrence of Arabia, Jaws CE, The Terminator, BTTF Trilogy, Predator SE (R2), Total Recall SE, Silence of the Lambs SE, Speed SE, Seven, Matrix, Gladiator, Moulin Rouge, and Minority Report.
pearl harbor vista series
black hawk down
deep blue sea
saving private ryan (dts of course!)
monsters inc (gr8 features)
lotr extended (need i say more)
royal tenenbaums

no particular order though as I love them all!
Nothing beat's the rocky's, some of the best films of all time, with a perfect balance in my opinion.
you like Rocky then? Wink can't stand sly personally
1. Rocky I
2. Rocky IV
3. Rocky III
4. Rocky II
5. Rocky V
6. Face/Off
7. Hollow Man
8. What lies beneath
9. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
10.Erm, dunno

I'm scraping the barrel towards the end of that list, seeing as I don't have that many DVD's.
My current top ten
10 -  Saving Private Ryan

9 -  Silence of the Lambs

8 -  Any Given Sunday

7 -  T2: Collectors Edition

6 -  Go

5 -  Seven:

4 -  Independence Day

3 -  The Matrix

2 -  Aliens Legacy

1 -  Gladiator
The Usual Suspects is a great set. I've had it for a while now and there's a review <b><a href=;s=2&c=311 taget= _blank>here</a></b> if you're interested.
My top ten are:

10: Total Recall: Ultimate Edition/LE Tin (French R2 - part of the Ultimate collection box set with T2 (see below))

9: Almost Famous: Bootleg (R1)

8: From Dusk 'Till Dawn: CE (R2)

7: The Abyss: SE (R1)

6: The Godfather Trilogy Box Set (R2)

5: The Rock: CC (R1)

4: The Alien Legacy Box Set (R2)

3: Terminator 2: UE (French R2 - part of the Ultimate collection boxset with Total Recall (see above))

2: Die Hard: Ultimate Collection

1: Fight Club (R1) - Isn't this everyone's favourite DVD?

That's it for now but I can't wait for:

The Usual Supects: SE,
Frasier: Season One and
The West Wing: Season One Part One.
Go on then Mal, seeing as someone has to popularise these forums Wink

These are subject to change at anygiven moment, but as of right now these are probablt my top ten:

1. Fight Club (R1) - The mutt's nuts and no mistake!
2. Dogma SE (R1) - Bloody funny film, even better set!
3. T2 (R1) - not the best film ever, but one of the best DVD packages.
4. Criterion Robocop (R0) - Still not the best disc, but better than the R2 release and a top film!
5. Star Wars: Episode I (R2) - people may slate it, but it's not that bad and the DVD release is excellent. 5.1 lightsabers!
6. Superman Box set (R2) - Alright so I'm cheating, but these two films should be seen as one. Pity the sequel didn't egt the same loving attention the original did in the ausio/video departments.
7. Alien Legacy (R2) - Still cheating, but the first two are some of the best movies ever made, and I don't hate the others...
8. Nightmare on Elm Street Collection (R1) - Seven films, an amazing bonus disc, great audio and video. Forget the lousy R2 release, get this!
9. LA Confidential (R2) - An excellent film on a great disc. Need I say more?
10. The Shawshank Redemption (R4) - One of my favourite films, finally given a decent audio/video transfer. Not many extras, but the film is so good you won't mind.

Honourable mentions to: Criterion Chasing Amy (R1), Moulin Rouge (R4), Mallrats SE (R1), Usual Suspects SE (R2), Tron SE (R1), Manhunter SE (R0), Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back (R1), Any Given Sunday (R4) and Goodfellas (R2 flipper, but the film is so amazing I can almost live with it).

Actually, sod it. I have far too many favourites. I only buy films I want, so I love them all!

I take it I'm not allowed to mention Star Wars bootlegs in this thread? Wink
What's your top ten DVDs?
What are your top ten DVDs in your collection, go on, help people decide what to buy next by suggesting those amazing discs that you'll never part with.... me you ask? Nah I'm too lazy to suggest any! Wink