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When is 'Kill Bill' the super version due out?

Forums - Discs & Movies - When is 'Kill Bill' the super version due out? 


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That was a good link no a GREAT link
That's so much more time/cost efficient. Cheers.
Anymore news/rumors
anymore news?
darthquint wrote: Kill Bill Ultimate will come out in Oct/Nov when Gridhouse comes to DVD!!

Kill Bill Ultimate will come out in Oct/Nov when Gridhouse comes to DVD!!
someone mentioned Grind House earlier, I thought that that was just some rumor and it was never happening?

About Kill Bill vol 3, Tarantino said in an interview (and if I can find it ill post it later) that he would like to film a few scenes now with Uma Thurman and actually finish it in 15 years when shes older.
The Kill Bill super-editon is coming.  This will get a limited release before it hits DVD.  It might get its debut athe Canns but who knows.  Since theatre screens are booked solid in the Summer I wouldn't look for this to hit the movie screens until Late August/September.  The DVD will be released around mid-October.  They will want to release it before the Summer movies.
Here's some tidbits from

Also, our sources in the know are telling us that the reason for the delay of Quentin Tarantino's long-awaited Kill Bill: Special Edition DVDs, is that the release rights to the Kill Bill films have left Miramax with the departure of the Brothers Weinstein. That would mean that any DVD release is going to be handled directly by The Weinstein Company, through their new DVD distribution partner, Genius Products (Derailed will be the first Weinstein film to be released by Genius on disc, on 3/21).
He should of done this a long time ago! He would of sold more of them if he did this alot sooner.  
Come on, how long can we hold back on this DVD? I just wonder if the Whole Bloody Affair would mean that he will shorten the movie as a whole, because I remember that initialy the studio wanted Quentin to shorten it to under 3 hrs, but he refused to cut it and instead made the 2 volmes.
LATE 2006!!!!  He's done f**k all since Vol 2, okay so he's been working on that WW2 script, considering he showed the The Whole Bloody Affair at the Cannes film festival last year!!!
Here's an update that should keep you guys happy.

I found this news on another website...

"Nearly two years after the final installment hit theaters, director Quentin Tarantino is going back to kill more Bill.
Digital Spy reports that QT will release a merged version of both Kill Bill films to cinemas. "I want to cut the whole movie together like one big epic with an intermission in the middle like a 60's film", explained the effusive director. "It'll be coming out in theatres. I've been holding off because I've been working on it for so long that I just wanted a year off from Kill Bill and then I'll do the big supplementary DVD package." Work on the extended cut, tentatively known as Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair, is set to begin shortly with a theatrical release through the Weinstein Company in late 2006."

There you go. Not long to wait now. QT is probably working on it right now.
Yes, they didn't have time to film it, so they filmed the "fight scene" and the flashback scene so it would make sense.  I personally think the ending of the movie was great because it was so unexpected.  The wedding dress fight scene sounds kind of cheesy if you ask me.  But anyway, since I saw Volume 1 its been my favorite movie, so I would've like Volume 2 no matter what.
I heard that at the end of Kill Bill Vol. 2 there was originally going to be a fight scene between Bill and Beatrice with her in her wedding dress but was cut or something like that. Is that true?
Chris wrote: How can there be a Kill Bill 3? Bill's dead. If anything, it'll be Kill Beatrice.That's what I was meaning to say about a new one being released in the future.
Aye, that's what I was getting at with Kill Beatrice.
I do remember him talking about a follow-up with Vernita Green's daughter coming of age and targeting the Bride (hinted at in Vol.1). Mind you, Tarrantino has rather a lot of unfulfilled movie concepts so I can't really see this ever happening.
How can there be a Kill Bill 3? Bill's dead. If anything, it'll be Kill Beatrice.
Worst Nightmare wrote: It's not as if there will be a Kill Bill 3, now is there...Actually, there is to be a Kill Bill Vol. 3, but QT wants to wait a little bit on the project.
They have been talking about this one for ages! I still haven't seen Kill Bill 2 and will wait till I can see the whole bloody affair together

It's not as if there will be a Kill Bill 3, now is there...
Here, James. This is probably the most recent news you can get with the Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair.
The combined is exactly what we alreay have except no intro for part 2, no conversation with Bill and Sophie about B.B., and the house of blue leaves is in color.
Vols 1 and 2 are so stylistically different I can't help wondering if what people liked about them individually will get diluted as they get conformed into a whole. And I suppose only seeing the actual result will tell us whether Tarantino was right to cut it in half and play events out of sequence for more impact (as he usually does) and pace. Can anyone who has seen the combined cut confim that the chronology has (or not) been re-ordered?
Yeah, would be very interested to see this *when* it eventually arrives. I think both of the movies work in their own right (prefer Vol.2 though) but have always thought a 120 minute feature (jettisoning the more redundant parts) would have been superior to splitting the movie in two.
For me, it's always interesting to have different cuts of some films, (not all). If you're interested in how films start out and the creative decisions that go into the final cut then these kinds of alternate versions have a value. Albeit to a very small majority of people. I recently picked up both versions of Alexander cheap because you can learn a lot (more so with a flawed film I think) just comparing the two and listening to the commentary explaining why things were added and subtracted. I would say that Oliver Stone's commentaries are among the best out there and once listened to, give you a much deeper appreciation for his films and how much work and consideration goes into making good, layered films in general. And by that I mean films that stand up to repeat viewings without you wanting to skip to the best bits. There is a legitimate use for these kinds of alternate versions but of course there are so many so called directors/extended cuts out there that only seek to relieve us of our hard earned and should be steered clear of.
Loads. Chronicles of Ridd**k for one. As for Kill Bill, it's a lot better when watched closely together. I got both volumes for £8 courtesy of a dippy assistant at Choices Video a while back, and watched them both in the same evening. Much, much better than when I watched them months apart at the cinema. I've seent he full colour House of Blue Leavs fight as well, which is also much better (and the bit witht he Yakuza kid nopw makes sense). A combined version should be very good.
Yes. I found out after I submitted it. I wonder (rhetorically of course) what other titles would fall foul of this auto censorship?
I was a bit disappointed by Vol 2. Thats why I was hoping for a version that tied together a lot better than they did individually. I also don't mind the B+W scenes but wouldn't mind seeing the colour version. assumed wrong. You cant say B*****ds.
I know for definate that the Long Kill Bill version of which you speak will be released any where between next month and 2010. Sorry I couldn't be more accurate.

Seriously though, unless someone has inside info or a statement is made, we'll just have to wait in the knowledge that a combined version will be released at some point. Probably in and around the same time that either Grind House or Inglorious B*****ds (I'm assuming it's okay to write that without censoring it) are due for release. I'm sure Tarantino won't be backwards at making sure we all know it's coming out while he carpet bombs the media with his big banana face in the circus leading up to the release of one or both those films. They're not going to wimp out now when it comes to milking us for more money over Kill Bill. Either way I'll be buying it I suppose.

I wasn't a big fan of the Vol 1 and never saw Vol 2 on it's theatrical release (cos I was so disappointed with Vol 1) but since seeing Vol 2 on DVD, and thereby having the chance to judge it as a whole, it was a worthwhile endeavour. Hopefully whatever combined version comes out though, will compliment Vol's 1&2 rather than make them redundant. I'm sure the act of combining them will most likely have left some scenes edited out so having the theatrical versions will not be a waste of shelf space. It would be nice to see B&W fight sequence in colour (although I never minded it being in black and white in the first place, it seemed to fit stylistically and the trasitions from colour to B&W were well thought out) for the new release though.

Sorry James. I've rather gone off at a tangent.
When is 'Kill Bill' the super version due out?
Almost since before the theatrical release of Kill Bill: Volume 1, Quentin talked about a massive DVD package containing a combined version of both movies in all their techni-colour bloody glory with extra footage.

Does anybody know anything about whether this will ever see the light of day?

On a different note - In the back of this months 'Total Film' magazine theres a porno advert with a sexy lass dressed as Uma with the title - 'Fill Jill'

Made me laugh.