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When James Met Kong

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rob murray wrote: Ill be there with bells on

I'm sure the people in your theather would appreciate if you would leave the bells at home!  Very Happy
We should really just forget about Shyamalan's first film, everyone else has. Let's just say that Howard did all of his films.

If gay marrage were legal, and Howard Shore and James Newton Howard got married, then Howard Shore could change his name to Howard Newton Howard, and they could do coupled scores for Jackson' snext film. That would be awsome.
Yeah, Howard has done all of Shyamalan's thrillers.
I didn't like the Williams score on WOTW - although it barely existed anyway. I wanted a big dramatic, sweeping score like Star Wars or summat, but it wasn't to be Wink
Did Howard do the score to Signs? I loved that one. On the subject of scores, the one thing that blew me away in the latest Harry Potter flick was how much better the score was than the last three. Then I realized this was because Williams hadn't done it, which made me wonder if I've enjoyed a none Speilberg or Star Wars score Williams has done in the last 15 years. Turns out the answer is a pretty solid "no".
Ill be there with bells on
Matt wrote: Tony DeFrancisco wrote: I'm sure I might
Pretty decisive there, bud. Wink
Whoops. Let me rephrase that: I might see King Kong in theaters.
Tony DeFrancisco wrote: I'm sure I might
Pretty decisive there, bud. Wink
I really liked the Collateral score. Anyway, I'm sure I might see King Kong in theaters.
Well, I've never met a Peter Jackson movie that I didn't like, and given his love for the material and intricate knowledge of the original movie, I'm sure this will be a great one. I'm hoping for something exciting and touching, with lots of visual homages for us fans of the 1933 film, and I'm really glad Warner released the original now; seeing it a few times before this should help in picking up the more subtle references.
Empire gave King Kong five stars, but they also gave Pearl Harbour five stars...
When James Met Kong
Just picked up a copy of James Newton Howard's score to Peter Jackson's upcoming King Kong, and if the movie is anywhere near what is brought out in the score then we're all in for one hell of a movie; this is probably the best score release of the year. I was worried at first when Howard Shore left the project, but breathed a sigh of relief when Jackson brought in Howard, who's one of my favorite composers working in film today. With excellent work in more recent movies such as The Village and Collateral, I felt he was up to the task in delivering an great piece of music for the new movie, and even though I've thus far only listened to the music out of context of the film, I'm not in the least bit disappointed.