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Forums - Discs & Movies - Where are my "trailers" then? 

12th May 2007 13:41  #1

Cervantes Member Join Date: November 2006 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 172
Where are my "trailers" then?
Now this may not be a big issue with many of you, but I'm getting sick of certain DVD releases NOT including the TRAILER.  I've always loved seeing them, and surely they are the easiest of extras to source and provide for us.  Only just got round to getting Speilberg's WAR OF THE WORLDS (R2 2-disc special edition)...I wasn't in a hurry as I was sorely disappointed...but I picked it up for £4!  Anyway, I was wanting to refamiliarise myself with the promising teaser and theatrical trailers that came out at the time...but they were a no show.  Am I the only one that feels shortchanged when this happens?

12th May 2007 13:46  #2

Disciple Member Join Date: April 2006 Location: Sweden Posts: 775
No, you're not alone. This is something that annoys me as well. I want my trailers! I hate it when they don't put them on the DVD.

12th May 2007 15:48  #3

Worst Nightmare Senior Member Join Date: July 2002 Location: Australia Posts: 6,716 Send a message via AIM to Worst Nightmare Send a message via ICQ to Worst Nightmare Send a message via MSN to Worst Nightmare Send a message via Yahoo to Worst Nightmare Send a message via Google to Worst Nightmare
It's a hassle when you want to give your friends an idea of what the movie you are about to show them is about and there's no darn trailer.
Mind you, not all trailers are good...

12th May 2007 19:13  #4

£ukasz D Member Join Date: August 2005 Location: Poland Posts: 859 Send a message via Skype to £ukasz D
yes, they are needed.....and i hardly can think of any DVD that has none.

13th May 2007 12:27  #5

darth raph Member Join Date: May 2006 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 142
I agree it is really irritating! It is happening more and more! No trailer on Children of Men! In fact Universal seem to be releasing new titles like Inside Man with no special features at all on R2 these days and they do not have something like the Legacy Series either on R2! Double Indemnity was released here this year as a vanilla! It is all wrong! Buying R1 is a complete no brainer!

14th May 2007 12:53  #6

Cervantes Member Join Date: November 2006 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 172
The actual quality of various films aside..."big" region 2 examples such as the 2-disc "special editions" of HULK or SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW didn't contain it's TRAILERS in ANY region according to the excellent site
Moreover, the HULK dvd DID contain the trailer for the stinking THUNDERBIRDS debacle instead...  And BARE BONES discs such as the excellent ROCKETEER on R2 didn't even give us a trailer!  Ah well, I'll just have to settle for catching TRAILERS on the likes of etc. I guess...  Sad

14th May 2007 14:28  #7

Mark Lim Member Join Date: March 2004 Location: Australia Posts: 1,211
Yes! I find it very strange that almost all DVD's have trailers of upcoming cinema and dvd releases BUT NO trailer for the feature film you're about to see. This used to be standard. Where has it? And I remember DVD's that had not one, but a few - Theatrical, Teaser, TV, etc.

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