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Where are the Kubrick Special Editions?

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whew, thats great to hear, thanks!
Manda of Mu wrote: All I saw were mentionings of HD releases :/, hopefully I missed the part about a special edition release of his films because were really due for one.

"[Adam_Santangelo] Can you give us the full scoop on the upcoming Kubrick SEs (titles, extras)? I'm specifically curious about thoughts on 16:9/5.1 vs. Kubrick's 4:3/mono preference. I think we're all hoping for the full range of viewing options, or at least official word on what Mr. Kubrick wanted us to see on home video... Thanks

[WARNER] We're not ready to reveal details on this year's Kubrick promotion as they are still somewhat formulating, but a promotion will definitely be in stores before Xmas"
I was at a talk by Kubick's brother in law and producer and I asked him about the deleted footage and he said that all the unused footage was destroyed except for that of "Eyes Wide Shut" which while existing he said as Stanley Kubrick would not have wanted it released he was not going to do so either. It would appear that only retrospective documentaries will be available as extras, and even then there seems to be the one that was included in the last dvd boxset (I forget its name) which had all the major players (although it was very good).
All I saw were mentionings of HD releases :/, hopefully I missed the part about a special edition release of his films because were really due for one.
They were supposed to be out late last year, but they will be released by Christmas 2007. WB cited this in their chat on the Home Theatre Forum

I agree, the current releases are comparable to dirt (aside from "Dr. Strangelove"). Although I don't remember his movies winning so many awards (ones that "truly matter" to the studios), but I could be very wrong.  ACO is one of my all time faves as well and is the only one I own. I would double dip in an instant when they release it. I want a big box o' Kubrick dammit!
Where are the Kubrick Special Editions?
For years now I have held off buying the bare-bones WB releases of Stanley Kubrick's films (including one of my favorite movies of all time, A Clockwork Orange) because of the rumors of special editions of the films are in the works, and at one point, was even confirmed by WB that they are working on them. but years have passed and there has been zero development and it seems like these releases will never see the light of day. I don't see how such popular films that have won numerous awards and from such a noted director get the shaft while we see special editions of pretty much every other movie with at least half the popularity getting the special edition treatment. anyone with me on this?