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Where the hell is James Cameron's

Forums - Discs & Movies - Where the hell is James Cameron's "The Abyss?" 


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dbeamish wrote: I thought part of the problem was Cameron was for whatever reason, anti-anamorphic.

No, I dont think so. Maybe you're thinking of his fondness for Super35 film stock? While it's true that more image can be recorded in a 4x3 shape, you can derive anamorphic video from the widescreen - ala Terminator 2 and Titanic.
I thought part of the problem was Cameron was for whatever reason, anti-anamorphic.
Just watched some of this again (2 disc R1). I'm only watching on a 29" 4x3 CRT TV but it still looks damn good for its age. Looking back over the Special Feature and again, it kicks even some new Special Ed's into touch. The main feature could do with 'Titanic-ing' though. It would be a shame to split it over 2 discs but I can't imagine (if they go to all the bother of making it 19x9) Fox/Cameron would want to try and cram it all onto one disc.

We could hope for DTS, and a commentary. Apart from a new retrospective documentary, I don't think 'Under Pressure' can be bettered as a look into the film being made, and hopefully Fox would include ALL the bonus stuff from the first release.
When I first got the title I didn't care so much because high quality equipment that would have made a difference was too expensive for me. Now that I have some, I would love it in anamophic too. Even if it's just the first disc re-issued for $15, it would be nice.
The latest release of The Abyss as part of Fox's "Award Series" states on the packaging that it is anamorphic widescreen but is in fact not. I picked up this new copy myself about a month ago just for the supposed anamorphic upgrade, and when it wasn't 16x9 I had a hell of a time returning it to Best Buy and had to convince and educate the customer service folks as to why I was returning the disc before they'd let me have my money back.
Where the hell is James Cameron's "The Abyss?"
So many less deserving films have been needlessly re-released. Yet "The Abyss" is one of Mr. Cameron's best films and it still lingers in letterbox hell. I want that film in my collection but I want it in all of its anamorphic glory. Perhaps with the re-release of the "Planet of the Apes" films we will see a re-release of "The Abyss" sooner than later.