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Wheres Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair Edition?

Forums - Discs & Movies - Wheres Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair Edition? 


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He's already done it so the holdup will be for financial reasons by the studio. Maybe they had good Xmas titles so they held it back for a quieter time.
We are never going to get it. Quentin is non stop,always working on other projects and has so much A.D.D that it'll never happen. I want The Whole Bloody Affair so bad. Better have tons of bonus footage too.
Well someone was nice and sent me KILL BILL THE WHOLE BLOODY AFFAIR -well its was there cut of what they think the KBWBA will be like.  I was thrilled.  The scene with her and the crazy 88's was in color.  Also a few things here and there were changed!  The biggest change was we don't know as an auidence that her daughter is alive until SHE DOES.  
Yes I Just got my copy with a free shirt at Best Buy today!  IT is AWSOME well worth the wait. Thank You Quention.

This is what I would say if this f**cken DVD ever comes out but I think Howard the Duck will be out before this ever hits shelves.
I have a feeling this is going to be one of those releases that we're gonna hear about for a long time before anything surfaces. I seem to recall reading about the Blade Runner final cut AT LEAST a year before final details were eventually released (but to be honest, I don't know how long people had known about the final cut of that, either). All in good time, I suppose.
no release date
There's also more added to the Sophie speech at the end as well.
i have the import dvd.  it is better!
ye but why does that make it better?
The film doesn't cut to black-and-white. It's completely uncut and unedited, where as the Rest of World got the b/w scenes.
Why is the jap cuts better? Can some 1 tell me the differences?
I still don't understand. Disney should technically own these films.

Did they sell it to the Weinsteins?
what happen to the release
Kill Bill is overrated
Ahaha,YEAH! Stickied!
 I think my membership tag thing should be changed to "Creative Director"...or at least "Prank monkey" Happy
yeap that picture is from the comic con!
That be better - thanks Happy

If the thumbnail and image is still that Sweeney lady then I think she's haunting you.
Lol - sadly still getting Ms. Sweeney Sad
My sister also said it linked her to some site about Clare Sweeney or something.. Click it again and you'll see DVD case and if you still see Clare Sweeney just clear your cache.
Part 2 was rather dull (and rather annoying with The Bride's stupid decisions) and action-less anyway, they should have added 40 mins of it to the end of the vastly superior first film.
Why, VC2020, have you gifted us with a delightful image of Clare Sweeny?

Found this - can anyone translate?
I herd that too but its way in the future.  Its suppose to be in 10 years or later
Bloody Disgusting is reporting Vol 3 and Vol 4 are in works !!!
I thought he would have cut it slightly differently too...
that is something.  I know there is suppose to be intermission music and stuff like that so I wander if that is part of the running time?
Come to think of it, if it is 4 hours and 7 mins then that means nothing new has been added, I am 99.9% sure thats not the real run time as it also includes the runtime for both films' end credits.
I can't waite
Wow, 4 hours and 7 mins.....rockin'!
can't waite til November
Yep...November 16th is the correct date, mark it in your diaries people, it will be worth getting..
According to DigitalBits Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair will be released on November the 16th in a 4 Disc Box Set running 247 minutes
Any Rumors of never before seen footag?
september 18
check out the latest news entry at
Still no Release date
Goat Boy. QT submitted his list of his top 10 films a while ago to either Empire, Total Film or Premiere? I could be wrong and it was Sight and Sound! I cannot remember but he raved about Rio Bravo! Obviously he likes the film so much that Warner wanted him to do a chat track! Nic is right tho some of his films are not classics by any stretch of the imagination!
oh good its getting b***hy Wink  This is making for good reading..  
Sod off. I'll use whatever picture I like.
Nic Mall wrote: Thats because Kill Bill, like most of his movies suck ass.

No, you think his movies suck ass. And please, remove that damn picture.
darth raph wrote: What is up with QT? He has done an audio comm for the SE of Rio Bravo.I know it is one of his favourite films but no se of Kill Bill! Come on!?

What the hell has Tarantino got to do with Rio Bravo?
oops! Looks like QT's chat track has been taken off and replaced with a track by John Carpenter which makes sense as Assault On Precinct 13 is a total homage to Rio Bravo. Not happy with the rumors circulating that there is going to be a remake of Escape From New York though! Why????!!!!
I'll let you off since you like class films like Superman. Jackie brown is really good, Reservoir Dogs is ace, Pulp Fiction - although I've seen it too much - is good. I enjoyed Kill Bill when I saw the whole thing without a six month break between 'volumes'.
Thats because Kill Bill, like most of his movies suck ass.
He has things to do and movies to "homage"...
What is up with QT? He has done an audio comm for the SE of Rio Bravo.I know it is one of his favourite films but no se of Kill Bill! Come on!?
I hope this is released soon!
I know QT is working on an extended version of his half of Grindhouse
Eh, hurt perhaps but you know sooner or later it will get released.

Kill Bill was alot more popular then Grindhouse and like all of QT's films are, the older they get the more of a cult following they gain, plus all of QT's other films have gotten the special addition treatment so I think it is just a matter of time before we hear news. I don't think it will be relased alongside Grindhouse though, I think the Weinsteins are just going to dump those out on DVD as soon as possible and try to forget about them, I am even doubting the nifty extended edition Sin City got since the Weinsteins are already screwing with the films' presentation in order to gain a few bucks.

I am sure it will be released just out of nowhere one of these days (and in days I mean years).
given the box office receipts for "Grindhouse"...i would think that that outcome would affect the possibility of "Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair Edition."
Every now and then a new topic pops about the Kill Bill special editons/extended cuts etc. As QT has promised this for years and hasn't delivered I'm not holding my breath. I have the UK R2 DVD-s and also Japanese cut of Vol.1 (more features, full colour, slightly extended).
It seems to me that April 1 is basically a groundhog day with this! Absolute joke! It is not even the usual case that it is only the r2 that is getting the bum deal but it is all the regions ie 1,2 and 4! I sent a few emails to Miramax but as you all know the studios treat news on the home entertainment front like they are the CIA or M16!
Man, I want this so bad. I loved the movie and want to see as a one-er!
NO news
Unless the movie is pasted together for some sort of R1 release, my Japanese Vol 1 and Vol2 giftsets are amazing. I just love it, I watched it two nights ago and the movie is miles better than what we have released over here.
My thoughts/speculations are in a deal with Miramax they keep quiet about TWBA for a few years letting the Blu Ray sales rise then release the new cut at cinemas then DVD & Blu Ray. I mean if you were an early HD adopter and you knew TWBA was coming you'd wait but with no date it's bound to encourage sales, same for DVDs, plenty of fans have been holding out for this.

Luckily I picked up the Jap Cut and although it cost a bomb was worth it as I've seen it what 4 times so far & TWBA is still nowhere to be seen. The Jap Cut is MILES better than the US/UK edit, I can't recommend getting it enough. plus it has the most KB Vol 1 extras.

As for TWBA I'm hoping they really mix up the time line making it gel rather than 2 distinc movies. Anyway whose to say TWBA will be a better cut? those Jap Vol 1 dvds could end up being the best way to see Kill Bill? what might get cut out? as someone said it may turn into a "hans/gredo shot first scenerio".

stanton heck wrote: well an anniversary edition will have the whole bloddy affair or it might make a debut late 2007

maybe a 5th anniversary will see a SE with both Vol 1& 2 together and a 3rd disc with extras before TWBA is released? who knows?
well an anniversary edition will have the whole bloddy affair or it might make a debut late 2007
Nope Inglorious B*****ds isn't cancelled. Accordin to IMDb, it says that this will be QT's followup.
Inglorious B*****ds was cancelled I think, but I saw him speak at comic-con, although he didn't mention anything about KB: TWBA, I bet he'll do it once he's finished post-production on Grindhouse.
I thought he was going to go back and work on that after he was done with Inglorious B*****ds, but I could be wrong.
MAYBE this will be released on an anniversary date..
I just think they would of sold more if they did the "Whole Bloddy Affair" 2 years ago.  

still no news.  It looks like next year if were lucky
Dang, I wish there was some news on tis,I own both dvds but I want the whole bloody affair!
It's funny, I just found out that the first installment will be on TV this Sunday night, here in Australia. I'll probably have more to contribute to this thread after I've viewed it, and after I've seen the second volume.
People do still care, if they didn't, they wouldn't be starting threads on the matter. Although I do understand what you mean.
I think they would of sold more "Kill Bill: The whole Bloddy Afair" if they did this 2 years ago.  Now nobody seems to care.
The real reason, supposedly, that the film became split in two was as you say - they didn't want Tarantino to cut it. However, Tarantino wanted to release it as one 4hour or so movie, which Miramax didn't want so they gave him an option of cutting it or splitting it. He chose the latter, obviously.

I'm really hoping this cut makes it to DVD. I was lucky enough to attend a Q&A with David Carradine a few months back, no mention was made of this DVD, but he insisted that this was meant to be one film. He also couldn't understand anyone in the Scottish audience. Mad.
You're not sad if you buy a re-release. "Kill Bill" is a film where if there's a different cut then you see it/buy it (not to mention it's good so there's another reason right there). There's been one "tame" version and if this one lets the dogs out of the gates why wouldn't you buy it?

I have "Superman II" on DVD already, but I will be getting the new version (Donner Cut) when it is released. Perhaps that is different being Superman and all, but still, it is essentially the same thing and again, No it's not sad.

Personally, I won't be buying. But that's because I do already have them and am content with that and I'm not that big a Tarantino fan.
In theory though one long version of Kill Bill would be inferior to having Vols 1 and 2, if QT and Miramax were to be believed at the time of release.

I thought Harvey Weinstein said that there was so much good stuff that QT had shot it was a shame to lose it editing it down for one film. So, based on that, they sold us the idea that two volumes was the best way to go.

At the time most people didn't buy this and thought it was just a cynical cash grab whereby Miramax could get fans to pay twice for what was originally conceived as one film.

I was one of those people and was initially unimpressed with Vol 1 on it's theatrical release. So much so, that I didn't bother with Vol 2 when it came out. I then bought and watched 1 and 2 on DVD and have come to appreciate them more over time as two seperate volumes. They are both stylistically different yet they compliment each other.

I really can't see that when the films becomes one that it will improve on what has gone before or have any added value other than that of a curiosity to those who would wish to compare the two versions and study them.

I will of course be buying this flabby DVD boxset when it finally becomes available as I am one of those aforementioned sad people.
Kozinski wrote: The rumour has it, Cheddar, that it would actually be a different cut of the 4 hour movie - There would be less reminders needed in Vol 2 so I believe these would be cut. There was also a tale that the order of some scenes may be changed.

Tis all rumour mill though.

Ah I see, like in chronological order... Sounds interesting to say the least. Although I doubt I'd buy it, the reminders are minor and didn't bother me and I like it how it was presented first time around. This may end up being a "Star Wars" thing where everyone looks forward to it, but then ends up saying "Hey! Beatrix shot first!" type thing. Although I don't expect that from Tarantino.

I agree with you that the Crazy 88 sequence is better looking in the "censored" black and white.
The rumour has it, Cheddar, that it would actually be a different cut of the 4 hour movie - There would be less reminders needed in Vol 2 so I believe these would be cut. There was also a tale that the order of some scenes may be changed.

Tis all rumour mill though.
stanton heck wrote:
The Kill Bill super-editon is coming.  This will get a limited release before it hits DVD.  It might get its debut athe Canns but who knows.  Since theatre screens are booked solid in the Summer I wouldn't look for this to hit the movie screens until Late August/September.  The DVD will be released around mid-October.  They will want to release it before the Summer movies.

What would the "Whole Bloody Affair" actually be though? Just MORE violence? I thought the current ones that I own had enough violence to sustain its story, if it's just splatters of blood and more stuff to make it "cool" then what's the point? I watched both one after the other, sure I had to get up and change the disc, but what's the difference? If it's edited together to be one big movie it'll still probably be on two discs for quality reasons. Is that what this release will most probably be?
I feel information on this is really varied - one group telling us this year, another next year - I don't know who to believe.

I have no idea the answer to your question but I am also gagging for it as I havent yet bought any version as he hinted at this way back at release time.

Can't wait for it - although I actually like the Crazy 88 battle in Black & White, think its rather cool looking.
Disney owns Miramax so they would have some sort of involvement with this
*I would have edited this in but I couldn't see the option

Miramax and the Weinsteins are fighting over who owns the rights, Disney has nothing to do with it.
Wheres Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair Edition?
What ever happened to the 'Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair Edition'?

Last I heard was back when Vol. 2 came out on DVD that QT and co. were hard at work on a version of Kill Bill that included Vol. 1 and 2 as one film in addition to adding the footage that was cut or altered for the US release (such as the uncut battle at the House of Leaves and in full color, not B&W).

I heard that there were some legal trouble regarding Miramax's split with Disney over who can legally release the film, Miramax, Disney, or the Weinstein Co. which was the cause of the delay, but in an interview I read with QT about a year ago, he stated that Miramax is getting together with the Weinstein Co. to recut the film and then put it back in theaters for a limited run, then onto DVD. But since that it has gone silent.

Anyone hear anything new about this? I have been fighting the urge to get the Japanese R2 versions because I know as soon as I do, then the DVD will be announced, I have that kind of luck  and I REALLY don't want to triple dip (I already have the R1s).

Here is part of the interview I found on Google from last year