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9th January 2007 4:56  #1

alex77014 Member Join Date: June 2006 Location: United States Posts: 187 Send a message via Yahoo to alex77014
wild at heart
has anyone seen this movie (wild at heart)...and what's your take on it?  one of the local art house theatres is gonna be playing the "version you've never seen/x-rated version."  not really knowing anything about this movie other than the poster...i'm assuming the x-rated part is just more nudity...is that correct?  as for lynch...i was not a fan of blue velvet...but have heard really good things about mulholland drive.  when I went to rent it...i accidentally ended up renting mulholland falls instead, which was garbage.

9th January 2007 5:03  #2

Cheddar J. Cheese Member Join Date: October 2004 Location: Canada Posts: 1,492
I haven't seen it, but the same thing happened to someone I know with "Dr." and "Falls", with the same results. Tongue

14th January 2007 3:07  #3

stanton heck Member Join Date: June 2005 Location: United States Posts: 1,098
Its a weird movie.  I think there is shot or too with more violence in it!  

15th January 2007 7:26  #4

BrodieMan. Member Join Date: September 2006 Location: United States Posts: 10
To me, it's not one of Lynch's best, it has his style, weird and creepy characters, sex, violence, humor...but overall it feels like a weak film.

15th January 2007 18:54  #5

stanton heck Member Join Date: June 2005 Location: United States Posts: 1,098
Its very strange that is very true!  I had no idea what kind of movie I was going to see.  Trust me I was shocked.  I was out on a first date when we saw this!  

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