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Will Fight Club come to blu-ray?

Forums - Discs & Movies - Will Fight Club come to blu-ray? 


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Would really look forward to this on BD. Haven't seen it for ages but gave the 2 disc R1 a spin the other day. It still holds up 10 years on from its release.

I should think about selling my R1 as it seems to fetch quite a price. Once the BD is announced there's no reason for me to hang on to it as I believe the R2 discs are now uncut anyway. Hopefully any UKBD release would also be uncut.
It's region A and B for Blu-ray, not 1 and 2. It's a Fox title. I caved and ordered the German BD from Movietyme for £27.99. I'm a w***e.
I have not heard of it being release region 1 perhaps it will be released r-2 or Austrailia.   Im not sure what studio distribute fight club but they have had history of starving the market of supply.  I used to sell dvds online and the secodary market price of the fight club 2 disc edition around 2001-2004 was around $80.  This was quite a long stretch of being out of print.
Cheers, dunno what was going on when I did it then. Still, £29 is too rich for my blood. I could get two discs for that money.
I just checked my e-mail and the total price, including shipping, is €34,69.
Did you not get email confirmation? I had a brief look last night but my German sucks and when I added it whatever delivery option it selected by default put the price up to 50 odd Euros!
Chris Gould wrote: How much did you pay for it including delivery Moldovia?

I'm not able to work it out cause when I check the site thinks I want to add another copy to my outstanding order.
How much did you pay for it including delivery Moldovia?
Interesting factoid:  during 2002-2004 the Fight club 2-disc edition was out of print and extremely hard to find.  It had a market value of $70-90 selling on Amazon.
I have a few German DVDs and none of them have forced subs.
I'm aware they do it in France, but I've never bought any German DVDs so I have no idea if they do it over there.
Chris Gould wrote: Hopefully the subs won't be forced or anything.That's France you're thinking of. Wink
B****r, I was hoping you'd found some secret cheap place to get it from. Don't fancy paying over £20 for it...How much was it in total including shipping? Might ask for it for Christmas. Hopefully the subs won't be forced or anything.
Chris Gould wrote: Where did you order it from? I ordered it on the 19th of September and it should be with me sometime between the 6th and 15th of December.
Where did you order it from?
Had this beauty, the German blu-ray, on preorder for a while now.
Or happen to live in region B.
It is coming out on Blu-Ray. 5th December in Germany - no confirmation yet about it being Region Free

But don't get your hopes up though. Since previous Kinowelt release 'Leon' was Region Lock. Unless of course, you have a Region Free BD Player...
You are not your f**king khakis.
Third rule of Fight Club, someone yells Stop!, goes limp, taps out, the fight is over.

Who needs Bluray anyway, reject the basic assumptions of civilization, especially the importance of material possessions.
The second rule of Fight Club is - You DO NOT talk about Fight Club!

No, it won't come out on Blu-Ray. Stupid Question! Laugh
The first rule of Fight Club is  you do not talk about Fight Club.

Will Fight Club come to blu-ray?
2009 is the 10th anniversary i wonder if fox will give it the blu ray treatment with new bonus features hopefully?