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Will you buy a HD-DVD or Blue-Ray DVD

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Nearly a year later and I have made my decision: HD-DVD baby and it rocks! If you doubt my opinion check out Home Theater Forum and AVS Forum.
I don't care for either right now. I'm just still sticking to DVD. I think it will be a long time before prices drop. Plus not every one has bought an HD TV.
I'm hoping that HD-DVDs win because I'm sick of Sony and their c**ppy "Incompatible with anything else" formats  - Memory-sticks/Atrac/etc...

I refuse to buy Sony just because of this!!!

ESPO wrote: this is bulls**t I hope no one succeeds and we stick to dvds...or improved dvds..i wouldnt care so much but..ive been collecting dvds..and if they start releasing collector series for movies on hd dvd and everyone jumps on that wagon and DVDs are thrown around like how VHS tapes are being treated jumping off a is inevitable - but at least be happy in the knowledge that i'm sure the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray players that hit the market will more than likely be backward compatable with DVD
Some more info about Blu-ray in Europe:
this is bulls**t I hope no one succeeds and we stick to dvds...or improved dvds..i wouldnt care so much but..ive been collecting dvds..and if they start releasing collector series for movies on hd dvd and everyone jumps on that wagon and DVDs are thrown around like how VHS tapes are being treated jumping off a bridge........................
They take all the fun out of box sets.
And I have a pretty bad TV.
I'm not getting either. It's going to be a long time before I get anything other than my current 27" TV, so I'm not interested in either format. I'm perfectly happy with regular DVDs, as long as companies keep releasing Special, Deluxe and Ultimate Editions.
Probably HD cable TV or Verizon's fiber optic line will win. I'm tired of all these f**king wars.
No plans at the moment, or plans to make plans at the moment to get either one.
Predator won.
Dog v Cat? Dog won.
Rock v Paper? Paper won.
Alien v Predator? Damn. I've seen the film and I don't know.
In a nutshell
Vhs Vs. Beta  VHS won
DVD Vs Dvd Divx ( A Circuit City Thing) DVD won
Cassette Vs The 8-Track The cassette won
Laserdisc Vs VideoDisc  Laserdisc won
HD-DVD  Vs Blue-Ray DVD  ?

I've heard nothing but nightmares on both HD-DVD and Blue-Ray DVD.  I am willing to waite until the bugs are worked out of both formats and  the format war is over with a clear winner.

Heck, the thought of it is just a p**ser.  Too expensive and I can only imagine the disappointment in the DVD quality regarding the transfers, especially older movies.  You know, heck with the quality, I want mo money!  I have lost the excitement that I originally had regarding high def.  I'm looking at a future flop, or maybe wishing it would flop. I've not been happy overall, with what happened when DVD came to the market...broken hopes and promises.  

I'm tired of advertising on DVD and the sacrifice of quality.  Huge profits over what profits were made with VHS.  How many ads do you remember seeing on VHS?  Oh dare, Betamax.
DVD is the most successful format in history.
I hope the price drops fast on hardware units but then I don't even have an HD-TV
Just get a player that does both formats!!! I'm sure it won't take long for someone to make one...
I'm definitely going with HD-DVD, better selection, and better quality.
I still don't know
I'm not wasting my money.
I f**king hate Sony and their propriety formats. How well has UMD and their c**ppy ATRACK format done?
I am sitting this war out
I wont buy any, I'm happy with DVD for now (i even have several VCRs and a decent collection of VHS)  I'm not about to fall into "theres a new format, therefor you must have it" hole
YODA: Begun, this format war has!
I am siting this war out
I won't buy any either!!
Donnie_Darko wrote: i won't buy any

hehe, same here Happy
Looks like HD-DVD wont have region coding and Europe is getting it far earlier than expected, sounds promising:

Blu-ray's restrictive nature may kill its appeal in terms of movies.
I wouldn't mind a blu-ray burner.  The amount of stuff I download would be handy to burn on a 25gb disc rather than 15gb.

There will be no winner. I predict that the only people who are going to buy either of the two formats will be:
1- Technophiles who get whatever gadget they can
2- PS3 owners
3- Fanboys

I hope both fail and DVD is around for a long time. VHS was around for 20+ years, why can't we stick with this for just as long?
Thank you for the link.  I will waite until there is a "winner" in this new format war.  
Not sure if this will be viewable for everyone, but here's a quick summary from BBC's Click programme covering the two new formats:
Wait for the format war to be over first maybe?
I recently got a Toshiba dvd player from a discount food store for $43.  The quality of this player beats the hell out of my first Toshiba and my current Sony.  The picture is crisp and the sound it great.  Why would I pay more for a new format that is going to cost about 30 to 40 times the cost of that player?  Within four years the format that wins this war will most probably have good players on the market for under $200---maybe even under $100.  Besides, if one of these players fails to sell it will go the way of the Betamax.
I'll buy some of them for my PS3.
Not any time in the near future. Maybe never.
I'll get blu-ray by default when I pony up for a PS3, but I could care less about either format, theyre too restrictive.
i won't buy any
Will you buy a HD-DVD or Blue-Ray DVD
I do not know what to buy?  The Sony Blue Ray DVD or the other HD-DVD?  I know I might waite until one format takes off and becomes the consumer choice.  However no matter what format is the clear winner I'll waite until the price drops to under $500.  How about you?




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