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Cheddar J. Cheese wrote: Lately, I've been listening to the scores of the Bond movies.Nice post Cheddar, I also have been doing the same. Just recently started buying some of the scores. I got The Living Daylights and that is a fantastic Barry score, his work with the Pretenders  produced two good songs for it too. Loved Casino Royales score, especially the way Arnold weaved YKMN through the music.

For me I'm a huge John Williams fan. Jurassic being one of my favourite movies/scores. Born on the 4th of July is also a great score which really compliments the film.

As I'm pumped for Star Trek I've been listening to The Motion Picture score aswell, pure Goldsmith classic. The new movie better have some classic Trek motifs in it.
Oh, Clint Mansell's great. Though I have to admit the song at the end of Smokin' Aces sounded a bit too much like his Requiem for a Dream music, y'know, the one that's used in every single trailer ever made. Why can't anybody ever leave a good song alone?
After a while, yes, it does become irritating. Really irritating.

But sometimes irritating is good.

Lately, I've been listening to the scores of the Bond movies. Having grown up with Bond, I know the music backwards, but it's interesting to listen to it without the accompanying images.

For instance, on its own the Moonraker soundtrack is pretty damn good. The film... Not the worst Bond movie, but it was just a tad too out there... But the execution of the score in the film doesn't match up in a way. It doesn't sound like a Bond score, especially during the "self-aware" moments (Magnificent Seven, etc)

What I love about all of them is that despite having about half of them being written by John Barry, each of those sound the same, but different. They all have their styles and remain in their respective movies, if that makes sense.

Since David Arnold took control of the scores... They're good... But the only ones that stand out are Tomorrow Never Dies (to a certain extent), The World is Not Enough (probably to me only because of the video game having similar music, and it being etched into my memory) and Casino Royale (the lack of the 007 theme made it stand out with the title song actually being used as part of the score). The Quantum of Solace soundtrack is pretty forgettable. Some interesting bits, but nothing to write home about. (Awaits for someone to say "Just like the movie")

So yeah...
I actually liked the score to For a Few Dollars More the best out of his...the music box in that one worked much better than the harmonica in Once Upon a Time in the West.  That harmonica got on my nerves, it just came across as annoying after a while.

I'll probably get shot on sight for saying that lol
Sam Spade wrote: Jonny "Me You" wrote: Sam Spade wrote: Ennio Morricone

Most people would say The Good, The Bad and the Ugly is their fav of his, but I love the score to The Untouchables.

Once Upon A Time In The West, for me.

Yup. Great score.
Jonny "Me You" wrote: Sam Spade wrote: Ennio Morricone

Most people would say The Good, The Bad and the Ugly is their fav of his, but I love the score to The Untouchables.

Once Upon A Time In The West, for me.
Sam Spade wrote: Ennio Morricone

Most people would say The Good, The Bad and the Ugly is their fav of his, but I love the score to The Untouchables.
I've never been completely I understood who deserve the credit for the Pirates scores....Klaus Badelt composed the first one...then Hans Zimmer took over for the other to.  Everyone seems to give credit to Hans Zimmer though.

I do think Zimmer is a better composer...but am I missing something?  Did he compose the first one, and Badelt got credit for it somehow?

And don't get me wrong, Beltrami's work is generic.  But it isn't bad.  Not every score has to be new and amazing.  Comparing it to the first film's score, his was pretty good.  Generic, but good.

And speaking of pirates and Hans Zimmer...the score to Muppet Treasure Island was really fun, and I think it was underrated.  I remember thinking he needed to score a big budget swashbuckler when I first saw the openin credits to that one.

And I thought of another one....Young Sherlock Holmes.  If anyone has a copy of that, please let me know where you got it from.
This thread is moving too fast for me Tongue

I'll have a long post soon-ish...
I love the Pirates' music. Hans Zimmer is great.
Ennio Morricone

I really need to buy more movie soundtracks. I have been listening to a lot of music while studying lately. Mostly Ziggy Marley, Donovan Frankenreiter, Flogging Molly and the new Metallica album (Finally back to their roots, best album in a long time).

Last soundtrack I listened to and enjoyed was Pirates 3. Very catchy tunes on that one. Especially the finale.
Have to agree on Beltrami; if i had to choose between a bunch tracks by different, but similar composers, i'd never be able to pick which one he composed. That's often pretty easy with most composers. Generic? Yeah, to say the least.
Underworld Evolution, huh? I'm sorry to say that I think Marco Beltrami's work is a bit generic.

Klaus Badelt is alright. Not great, but alright. He did a very fun score for Ultraviolet.
Movie scores are pretty much the only thing I listen to.  Everything else I tend to get sick of, or I'm so picky that I don't like anything.

Out of Africa is one of my favorites.

The original Omen trilogy...all three have great scores.  I mostly like the opening themes, the rest is a little aged, especially on the second and third ones.

The Incredibles has an amazing score.

Underworld Evolution had a suprisingly interesting, yet simple score.

And I absolutely loved the score to X-Men 2...sounded very much like Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, which I'm sure isn't a coincidence since that film was a major inspiration for that movie, especially the last few scenes of it.

Constantine had an awesome score too.

Dark Crystal's score is underrated.

Liked Pirates of the Caribbean initially, but got sick of it pretty quick....way too repetitive.

Oh, and Dungeons & Dragons had a decent score...not great, but decent.  Too bad the movie didn't match the score.

Oh yeah, the score to Equilibrium kind of went by unnoticed.  Klaus Badelt, just as he was about to be huge.  It's synthesized, but it fits the movie perfectly.
I haven't seen nor heard of that one, nor have I heard of Mark Isham.

Anyway, I agree that the score for Narnia was fantastic. I hear it's better in the 2nd movie.
Harry Gregson-Williams did the score for Kingdom of Heaven; that was pretty much a masterpiece IMO. Of course, his work on The Chronicles of Narnia is among the very best, but that goes without saying. Wink Gregson-Williams friend Hans Zimmer is a master at what he does as well. I love his score for The Da Vinci Code, especially the Chevaliers de Sangreal track.

Another composer i really love is Mark Isham, who did the amazing score for Haggis' Crash. That one should've won an Oscar.
I do..John Williams, James Horner, Jerry Goldsmith, etc... I have over 450 albums. I love movie scores.
Oh, John Williams is brilliant, and this goes without saying. I'm not a fan of Star Wars by any means, byt the music...mmm....

I'm also a fan of Nobuo Uematsu--yes, he mostly does game scores, but oh, well.

Ooh, and Hans Zimmer.

Harry Gregson Williams--not sure if I'd heard anything but his Narnia soundtrack, but oh well.

Yeah, Chris, the music I listen to is typically about half scores and half other.
I listen predominantly to film score nowadays. Sad I know. I'm at the age where I like to be reminded of my childhood a lot, so I listen to scores from the films i grew up with. I was listening to TRON the other day Happy I can listen to John Williams scores all day.
Yorp. I recently got the Casshern soundtrack. Very good music--the score I mean. Some of the songs from the music from bands thingy disc aren't so great...a lot of 'em are good though, like Requiem by the Back Horn, and Masquerade, by Hyde. However, the score is where it's at--cheesy at points...but I like it.
If we're talking about scores from movies, then I would put it in this section.

My music collection is made up primarily of soundtracks and/or scores. I don't really have any favourites, it usually depends on the movie and whether or not I liked the music in it.
So, who here enjoys listening to original scores? Of movies, games, yada yada. And, for those who do, what composers do you like?

And sorry for wasting your time, in case this thread seems entirely random and unnecessary.

Oh, and sorry about the title. It was the first thing to come to mind.

S**t, this is in the wrong should go in the general chat section.