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Thank you Stuart and Kozinski. Never thought of it that way.
Very true. Yes, it was excellently handled by Oliver Stone. Can't wait for the DVD to see the extras. I hope Oliver has a good behind the scenes of the film and commentaries.
The whole point of the blurring of the timeline in WTC WAS to show the confussion of the second plane (was there- wasnt there) details.
The characters in the building had no idea if a second plane hit or not and seemed to be getting mixed reports.  
I thought the film was excellantly handled (as I knew it would be) by Oliver Stone.
World Trade Centre
Mark Lim wrote: ...I could not work out when the second plane hit, and when each towers came crashing down...

Perhaps this was deliberate to instill the sense of confusion that everyone had.

This event in history disturbs me and seriously affects me with every word I hear and read.

I think the film was handled really well - Oliver Stone did a great job.
That's a far more appropriate reference than the one I just heard in Withnail and I...
Nic Mall wrote: And the bit with the Whale! Whuff!....

'You're terrible Muriel'
Nic Mall wrote: And the bit with the Whale! Whuff!....ROTF!

Anyway, I really liked United 93, but somehow, I thought the TV movie was better. United 93 didnt just focus on United 93, it focused on most of the day, as where the TV movies they didn't, and there was much more character development
And the bit with the Whale! Whuff!....
no they didn't
The only reason United 93 seems to be better is because, they covered every friggin detail of the events of that day! I like both.
I was going to see it tonight but can't be arsed. I've heard that United 93 is much better, but I'm not particularly interested in either film TBH.
it's a lot better than United 93 and i'm lefty
World Trade Centre
Not sure is this thread has been started, but I just came back from the Premiere. Oliver Stone is a genius! But he fast tracked the moments between the first plane hitting one of the towers and the moment the two towers crashed. I could not work out when the second plane hit, and when each towers came crashing down. If he was going to re create the events, at least do it properly. Otherwise, the rest of the film was just pure, powerful drama about not giving up on hope. Funny when Nicolas Cage plays the good guy, he always come out alive. Great acting by all. I'd give this 4 out of 5.