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maybe I will give FC 2 another try.
French Connection 2 is ok. The scenes where doyle is in the drug den with the addict old lady! sends shivers down my spine to this day! Every other film mentioned above I counldnt agree more!
i think it's just easier to make a list of the better sequels, no?
stanton heck wrote: French Connection 2
My opinion is the movie wasn't quite so bad and certainly dosn't deserve to be on this list.
I'll counter with:
Arthur 2: On the Rocks
Stayin' Alive
Police Academy 2-7
French Connection 2
I happen to LOVE Miss Congeniality - because of Sandra Bullock and her snorting!! She cracks me up everytime I see that scene.

And Big Momma's House is not too bad either. Martin Lawrence in makeup and lady's getup, VERY funny, if not as good as Robin Williams in Mrs.. Doubtfire.

The rest are just plain silly.
Mark Lim wrote: I would add to the list....
Miss Congeniality 2
Big Momma's House 2
Are We Done Yet?
Bean 2

No fair listing sequels to films that were terrible in the first place, Mark.

I would add to the list....

Speed 2: Cruise Control
Miss Congeniality 2
Big Momma's House 2
Are We Done Yet?
Bean 2

Swap Superman III for Superman IV: Quest for peace
Get rid of Batman Forever and I agree with everything you said. Although Hannibal Rising is a prequel, just to quibble over semantics.
Worse Sequel
Another 48hrs
Stakeout 2
The Sting 2
Smokey and the Bandit 3
Beverly Hills Cop 3
Jaws 4
Beyond The Posedion Adventure
Hannibal Rising
Nutty Proffesor 2
Batman Forever
Superman 3
Grease 2
Airplane 2
Halloweeen 5
Exorcist II
Jewel Of the Nile