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X-Files FTF BD in Europe??

Forums - Discs & Movies - X-Files FTF BD in Europe?? 


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WTF. No plans to release it in the UK. Are they out of their f**king minds. FOX is the devil when it comes to Blu Ray.

F**k man i can't f**king express how much i hate that f**king selfish suudio
I regularly check the blog on biglight(frank spotnitz official site) and this post was made recently, someone asked about the BD not being released in the UK.

"It's no bother, but I wish I had better news for you. The studio checked again and it turns out there are no plans to release "Fight the Future" on Blu-Ray in the U.K. It's one of the few territories where the film is not being released with "I Want To Believe." We'll let you know if the situation changes"

Now as far as I can see its only being released in America, region locked, and in spain priced at 30euro :O I know of no other country where its coming out. Its a pity as I would love to have both films on BD. Hopefully Fox make up with a features packed Quantum of Solace release.

You know, it's true, it's perfect to have in a zombie apocalypse where you don't have a can opener, but otherwise, it's just really annoying...

Back on topic...

I don't understand companies. There's always going to be a market for any film they release, even if it's very small... And this isn't even some obscure show from 20 years ago that ran for 6 episodes, it's the X-Files! There's obviously a market for it worldwide, just release the damn thing!
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wish this could help...
yeah i have seen this some glimmer of hope. But will it be released in the UK or Germany also?

Also will Death Proof and Planet terror be released in Region B. Because Weinstein company is also a company that don't want Blu ray to succeed. The Region coding is ruining the future for Blu. Cant the f**king idiotic studios who region code there blu's see that. it was only after the code was broken on DVD. DVD only took full speed ahead because of that. Those selfish companies that do region codes must stop doing them or Blu will never succeed over DVD
The third film, based on the VODT book is in production for release 2010.
Disciple wrote: I'm pretty sure i've seen it listed on some site, but i can't find it, so i guess they removed it for us too.

Those f**kers FOX is S**T

I bet you have the 2 movies also of Narnia;-)
Do you know if they are planing to film all the books. I heard the 2nd one didn't do so good at the boxoffice. So maybe they changed the mind about the rest i hope not because the 2nd one was better then the 1st Narnia
I'm pretty sure i've seen it listed on some site, but i can't find it, so i guess they removed it for us too.
i am in the same boat i tried to write FOX UK. But they have not answered me those f**king b*****ds
X-Files FTF BD in Europe??
Looks like we wont be getting X-Files:Fight the Future on Bluray here in europe. Both releases of FTF and IWTB seem to be region locked in the US. I held off buying IWTB the other day just to be safe. Grrrrrr. I would have liked that BD 2 Pack from the US. Oh well Sad

Screw Fox if they aren't releasing it here, but I can't find any evidence of it coming out.