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X-Men 4?

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There will be some sort of "X-Man" movie. Hollywood loves to re-start everything.  
You're right in the big picture, but the little "thriller" moments in the score where what made me think it was special, and I think those made me think of Herman. I'm thinking of the early sequence where Mystique is stealing info from Striker's computer. There were some awsome spikes in the score.
at the risk of making you hate me mr. powers X2 didn't have the Hermann touch. it was more Goldsmith and Horner. especially Horner's score for "Star Trek 2". "house of wax" has been his only score that has had a Hermann feel to it

and unless "Superman Returns", "Spidey 3" and "Ghost Rider" bombs there will be more X-Men movies.
It just all struck me as phoney sentament. Logan's little speach about taking a stand was almost as bad as the simular rousing speach from general Mifune in Matrix Revolutions...almost. At least no one said "Xavier, I believe." Wink

I still think the X2 score was the best one too, it was more Herman-esque.

I expect shallow sentament and wooden, over played dialogue from Star Wars, but Singer set up a solidly realistic universe in his films, even the flawed first film. I felt that I wouldn't need to suspend my disbelief going into X3. If x2 hadn't been my personal favorite super hero film perhaps I would've enjoyed it's follow up more. Perhaps the bar was set too high.
The scene at Jean Grey's house is my fave in the whole series, I mean... that was VERY well done.  I liked how it was just six X-Men against the world.  This was The Last Stand, the end of the old generation... and that's all that were left: six of them.  Wolverine said "HOLD THIS LINE!" and I nearly had a geek-gasm right there in the theater.

I wish they'd fleshed out some of the Brotherhood of Mutants a little better, rather than random mutants running around.  Also wished they wouldn't have made Wolverine so tame here.  He needed to unleashed.  

As much as I want to say Ottman's X2 score was the best, I think Powell's score for X3 blows it away.  I'm shocked by it, really.  Surprising that the X-films don't have a unifying theme like Batman, Spiderman, and Superman and yet 2 and 3 have fantastic scores.

Whew, done with my fanboy rant now.  Happy
see, I just didn't think it was epic at all, and that was the problem. The mutant war equated to a 15 minute squirmish featuring only 6 X-men and a bunch of mutants that only seemed to jump and punch. I'm actually a fan of the changes they made to the Dark Phoenix story line, as the introduction of the Emcron Crystal and those very '80s aliens would've been asinine in the universe Singer and co. created. Besides its insain brevity, I thought the whole of the Dark Phoenix was the one thing that worked, and minus a couple misteps here and there, I was with the movie up untill just after Spoiler Xavier died. The fact that they seemed to run out of plot and momentum after that surprisingly well choreographed sequence made me angry, had the whole picture been s**t I'd have just gone with it. I wonder how much of what I liked was due to the breif presense of Matthew Vaghn?
I'd just like to state as part of the 12 people who liked X3, that it was my favorite.  The series progressed from a lacklustre #1, to an incredible #2, to an epic and fantastic #3.

Before I'm accused of not reading the comics, I've been subscribed for 11 years now... I know more than most how they butchered the three storylines, and how poor translated Dark Phoneix was, having said that... I enjoy X-Men 3 in the same way that I enjoy the Ultimates... as something different...
What's the point of even making a movie if you're going to reset everything in the end? Or can we just pretend 3 never happend? Maybe we could take the 30 minutes of good stuff and cram it into a flashback at the beginning of part 4, which we'll call part 3.
Bring on more X-Men movies!!!

1) The 'cure' did not work, so everyone is back to normal.
2) Cyclops should return, I saw no body... so he not be dead.
3) Jean Grey, much like the Phoenix, should rise up and live again, this time in control a little better.
4) Prof X has already returned.
 So, um, basically, everything that happened in part three was reset, and back to normal.

I wanna see Nightcrawler, Beast, Angel, even the little blinky remote control kid all return... Bring them on, there is money to be made!!!
Tony DeFrancisco wrote: I thought it was "The Last Stand".

It's "The Last Stand" in the same way Indiana Jones was the "Last Crusade".  Part of the title, not much else. Wink
I thought it was "The Last Stand".
I wouldn't be surprised if there was a 4th, especially after the additional scene after the credits.
They should bring back Bryan Singer - the 3rd one seemed way less polished than the first 2.
I've read several places that there won't be an X4, only a Magneto prequel, Wolverine film, New Mutants (younger gen) film, and on Chud they reported an Emma Frost(?) film...
If they want to make more good X-men movies I hope they get to it chop-chop, but if they plan on releasing another half-assed picture like X-3, I hope that this truely is the end.
X-Men 4?
I saw X-Men 3 in theaters. I've read that "X-Men 3 completes the Trilogy", but the end of the movie makes it seem like X-Men 4 might be coming.. does anyone know?