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XBox HD-DVD Drive will work on PCs

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Nic Mall wrote:  My PC has trouble running firefox nevermind HD stuff!

Anyone wanna buy my PC? It's reallllly good! Happy
pentium 2 perhaps? Wink
my pc can easily handle 720p, but chugs a bit at 1080p, so I dont think it would benefit me much and I'm not spending $300 to find out Shocked
I watch most of my DVDs on a computer with a 19" widescreen monitor. I prefer the digital, high resolution display that a monitor offers but I think I'm in a minority here. It's also required for taking screenshots for reviews.

If you think about it... DVDActive is actually wider than the video resolution offered by DVD, so I'm not that bothered about having a really big low-resolution screen that'll simply highlight the faults... this will be similar for HD.
This isn't an argumentative question. I'm just wondering aloud but apart from starting your HD collection early, what's the point in watching HD on a small (compared to a large TV) monitor. How big do PC monitors usually go up to? Are you saying that you can output the HD signal from your PC to an HD TV thus saving a fair mountain of cash on a dedicated HD player?

Again, honest enquiryHappy
My PC has trouble running firefox nevermind HD stuff!

Anyone wanna buy my PC? It's reallllly good! Happy
You would expect they may put a stop to it - the loss of the mightly dollar may see them impose restrictions on this sort of thing...
I think you can use the HD DVD version of Power DVD too... this would indeed make a cheap upgrade path for PC users, although they'd need something fairly powerful - ie one that can easily deal with the highest resolution Apple HD trailers.
XBox HD-DVD Drive will work on PCs
Stole this from another DVD site...

"According to various sources on the internet the XBOX 360 HD-DVD add-on drive will work on a Windows XP equipped PC. All it requires are some drivers (still unofficial), a USB2 connection and a HD-DVD playback program like WinDVD 8. Others have tested it on recent builds of Windows Vista. Here the drive works without drivers. It even connects without drivers to a Apple computer with Mac OS X. However, no playback software is currently available on that platform.

This is a very interesting development. It will give million of PC owners a very cheap and easy way to expand their Home Theater PC with HD-DVD playback."