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Your Choice For The Best Extended Version

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The mention early of Alien3 as an example doesn't work for me. Having seen the rough cut of how it was originally meant to look, it's an example of mediocre film cut into a bad one. Whatever the pressure on him there is no getting away from the fact the Fincher made a bad film and that is partially down to him not just the studio. He's certainly capable of making middling films without studio pressure. Just look at Panic Room.
The Abyss. A really interesting insight into what can be cut from a film and have it still (more or less) work.

Having all the various sub plots reinstated for the Directors Cut gave this film so much more scope and coherance that it is a wonder the theatrical cut made any kind of sense at all.

The book by Orson Scott Card is well worth a read as well as it's first three chapters give backstory to the characters of Bud, Lindsey and Coffey and a forward details how the book was written alongside the film being shot. The writing of the book and any additional ideas that came up during the shoot (that weren't in the screenplay at that point) fed off each other so as a novelization of a film, I'd say it's quite unique.

Looking forward to Kingdom of Heaven. Avoided the theatrical as no one seemed to have a good word to say about it. Was not even tempted by 'sale price' copies of it. I can usually see value (if you're interested in such things) in having/comparing theatrical versions with director/extended cuts but not, for some reason, with this film. I'd rather just see the thing as it was intended from the outset. I could have had the R1 but I've waited for the R2 to come out. Not long now.

I'd also include Lawnmower Man as a worthy mention. Not cos it's the best extended version of even a great film but because, if I remember correctly, the directors cut reinstated a massive 39 minutes to the theatrical cut.
Chris Gould wrote:
And to Jersey Jedi, exactly how did Fox f**k up Donnie Darko? Are you saying that you prefer the director's cut?

Nah, I actually prefer the theatrical version. I was referring to the abysmal/non-existant theatrical release due to their paranoia concerning the whole "jet engine crash" aspect of the movie post-9/11.
The Two Towers EE took a disappointing film and made it into a good one, so that deserves a mention. I prefer the longer cut of True Romance as well. Oh, and Superman: The Movie. Aliens of course, and maybe T2. Not seen Kingdom of Heaven as it was slated when it originally came out.

And to Jersey Jedi, exactly how did Fox f**k up Donnie Darko? Are you saying that you prefer the director's cut?
Lord of the Rings, no question.  Just look at my handle. (in honor of Samwise Gamgee)  Happy
Kingdom of Heaven
Kingdom of Heaven. Hands down a masterpiece that was butchered by the most ill informed, ill managed major studio, FOX (See X3, alien3, Idiocracy, Donnie Darko, etc.)
Kozinski wrote: Love the LotR extendeds - magical DVDs, also loved the Aliens Special Editions.
Would agree with you on both! Also liked Gladiator & Black Hawk Down.
Love the LotR extendeds - magical DVDs, also loved the Aliens Special Editions.
Either Apocalypse Now or the LotR sets.
mine is Gladiator....i love the oryginal cut..and the extended editions makes it even bether......"There is only one Rome "
Your Choice For The Best Extended Version
I love to watch an extended version of movies that I love.  Today it seems there is always an un-rated or extended edtion of every movie!  This got me to think of which is My Favorite?
I have tons of them.  However I have to say out of all of them I have to say "Aliens" "Terminator 2" and "The Abyss". What is funny is I am not a huge sci-fi fan.  However I think James Cameron is a great at putting together longer versions of his movies! So what are your favorites?