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Your DVD Christmas List?!

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Some of the Andromeda sets, which are really difficult to find around where I live, unless you order them.
Sin City: Recut & Extended
King Kong: Peter Jackson's Diaries
Edward Scissorhands: Collectible Tin
Cinderella Man: 2-Disc Collector's Edition
The Ultimate Matrix Collection + Neo Figure [On Sale at Amazon]
Gilmore Girls: The Complete 5th Season
War of the Worlds: 2-Disc Limited Edition

All Region 1 and all have been ordered, only waiting for them to arrive!

Sin City
King Kong
The Warriors
Batman Anthology
Batman Begins
Big Lebowski SE
Kingdom of Heaven
My list's nothing but none R1 stuff I can't pick up myself, except for the Aeon Flux collection. I can wait on that.
I'll send you a photo once I get my dad's camera working again.

And when I can get a close up photo.

My sister's really happy, and so is her husband, on becoming a first time father. I'm sure you feel the same way. My sis says he sleeps for around four hours in the night. And she also says their sleeping patterns are almost the same, so when he wakes up, she wakes up too.

Thanks for asking. Catch up with you later.
Same to you, mate!
Alex is doing well - and starting to sleep for around 6 hours straight in the night! At work here now - till 7am Sad
How's your sister and her new child ging?
Yeah Adam. I'm a Night owl. Just finished watching Mr.& Mrs Smith.
I'm getting The Fantastic Four & maybe 40 yr Old Virgin later in the day, Tuesday.

How's your new son??

I speak on behalf of all the members here, that you and your family have a great first Christmas as a new family.
Mark Lim wrote: Hey Adam,

Would you like us to send you one for Christmas??

hmmm....let me think....of course!
I keep on telling everyone that I am a great charity... Wink
Mark, up a bit late?
Hey Adam,

Would you like us to send you one for Christmas??

None - sniff - I blame my 2 month old son....
It's a hassle when you are broke! Sad
The Twilight Zone (original) - Season 1 - 4

The Outer Limits (original) series 1 & 2

Tales from the Crypt Season 1 & 2

The X Files Complete Series Collection

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Chosen Collection

And finally a load of Sci Fi films that I selected for my Dad and Sister to choose from, that I haven't got round to getting this year.
Sin City: Recut
Degrassi: TNG Seasons 1 and 2
The Island
Chicago: Razzle-Dazzle
The West Wing Season 6 (UK version)
Fantastic Four
Must Love Dogs
40 Year Old Virgin
One of those:
Titanic Delux 4DVD
Batman ANtylogi
Jurassic Park Box
Star Wars Trylogi
Disney Treasures Tins
King Kong tin
Clone Wars v2
Batman TAS v4
Superman TAS v2
Muppet Movies

Sin City EE I'm buying myself from Amazon, so I can avoid getting the sure to be messed up canadian release.
Not many, maybe Sin City and Family Guy.
Sin City Recut & Extended....that's it for me this year!
The Truman Show - Special Edition
The Office - Season 1 (US Version)
Family Guy Volume 3
Sin City - Extended

more stuff too, but theyre not movies
Your DVD Christmas List?!
Whats on your DVD Christmas List!
Here's mine:
The Dukes of Hazzard: Unrated
The 40 Year Old Virgin
The Exorcism of Emily Rose
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Cry Wolf

and the day after I\'m getting Into the BlueHappy!