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Your First DVD was....

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dogma two disc speical edition
I got a whole bunch of rubbish free with my player (including 'Michael Flatly - Lord of the dance!'Wink but the first one I bought was :-

Midnight Cowboy - one of my all time faves.
Ghostbusters and The Thomas Crown Affair remake. Bought at the same time
Big Lebowsk (R2) followed by Blade (R1)

First laserdisc...?

Demolition Man. Nice.
First 2 were...
Bugs Life (came with my dad's I-mac0
and my dad got Fight Club SE for his birthday.

me and my parents share dvds
Blade 1 R1, Lost in Space R1, Starship Troopers R1. All in 1998 December iirc.
Ah, in the heady days when VHS was still the accepted norm! My first purchase was the Matrix, in that godawful cardbord case, first rental, Generals Daughter, both on the same day I bought my first (and now sadly defunct) Panasonic player.
My son has Cats and Dogs on VHS, haven't got it on DVD yet, watched it yesterday.....Good God, I was amazed at how bad the picture quality was. And no surround sound either! DVD Forever Man!
I'm not sure, but I think mine was Disturbing Behavior.
Donnie Darko & Kissing A Fool.
The Mummy UK R2.

Paid £20 for it as well, ouch.
Sohan wrote: SE7EN...R2...2disker..

Me to along with Gone in 60 Seconds R1
Vertical Limit
Mine were The Matrix (snapper) and Starshi Troopers (flipper). Today, both formats are pretty much extinct!
Mine was M:I-2 and The Sixth Sense

  Mine were Jurassic Park and A Clockwork Orange.
The Matrix and American History X were my first two.
I was a little late on the dvd scene. My first dvds were the elm street box set, and O' Brother Where Art Though?.
mine was "Life is Beautiful" or "Perfect Storm"
2 Fast 2 Furious
The first DVDs I saw were the one's my brother bought back in '97:-
R1 Scream
R1 Starship Troopers
R1 The Fifth Element

He bought a Creative DVD-ROM drive with decoder card. I thought the quality was amazing.

The first DVD I personally ever owned was...
R4 Pokemon: The First Movie.
Mine was Contact. I had to return it 3 times to get one that doesn't hang.
Absolute Power
Pulp Fiction
A Simple Plan
Bonnie and Clyde
Enemy of the State
12 Monkeys

I had just bought a portable player and was heading back to Australia.
and Men in Black LE
My first one was Shrek.
Spaceballs.  Bare bones.
HEY! I own the Digimon movie too. I rented it as a laugh and ended up liking it enough to spend 5 bucks on used. The bit where the one hacker kid gets a wicked case of the runs in the middle of trying to save the world because he ate the Beef Jerky shake was golden.
I'd prefer if only the producers made one whole season worth, "Grey's Anatomy". Loved that new show!! Just finished watching the first nine episodes. Apparently Australia will be screening the other four absence episodes that were not shown after the nine episodes in the U.S.

Quote: Originally posted by Ryan Bisram


Who would laugh at that?



lol Laugh2

Batman `89

Mother bought it for me as a Christmas present. Happy
I got Army of Darkness, Dude Where's My Car, and Kingpin.
South Park: BL&U and Criterion Robocop were the first I ordered, but I bought The Matrix and The Spy Who Shagged Me while I was waiting for them (back when the format wasn't that popular and Virgin did two for £30 on all new releases).

And Peter, Fox are re-releasing the R1 two-discer of Fight Club if I remember rightly. It's the only one with all four commentary tracks.
Fight Club, the marvelous two-discer. Sadly AWOL from my collection at present.
If you go by the first "owned" DVDs I actually held in my hand, it would be Ghostbusters and The Princess Bride.  Bought them on a Saturday at the mall the same day as my player.  

However, earlier in the week (I think may have actually been the night before, can't remember for sure), knowing that I was going to buy the player, I ordered The Prince of Egypt and The Abyss from Amazon.
The Fifth Element
The Crow
Quote: Originally posted by Tony DeFrancisco
I watched Dinosaur yesterday! And, Eliason A., nice website

No way, that's crazy! Lol, like it at all? Let's hope Disney Animation will get back into it with Chicken Little.

And thanks man, I really appriciate it.
you folks amaze me. I have no idea of my first DVD.
Quote: Originally posted by Eliason A.
The Road to El Dorado and Dinosaur (Don't laugh).
I watched Dinosaur yesterday! And, Eliason A., nice website
The Road to El Dorado and Dinosaur (Don't laugh).
Star Trek: Insurrection was the first DVD I got (as a Christmas gift in 1999, same Christmas I got my DVD player), but the first one I bought myself was The Matrix, which I already owned on VHS, but for a movie that was that good, I thought that DVD was absolutely necessary. And it was indeed. But the first movie I ever watched on DVD was Entrapment, which I rented.
Carmen: A Hip Hopera was my first DVD.
It's amazing how prices of dvd players have dropped so much in 8 years and the price of dvd's only a little, or skyrocketed!
South Park: Bigger Longer Uncut
There were my first DVDs I got these before I my DVD player came through the post.

The reason I got these because Robocop was cut to ribbons and the rest were banned.

Robocop:- Directors Cut
The Exorcist
The Evil Dead
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Straw Dogs
A Clockwork Orange
Natural Born Killers
Was the UK Starship Troopers flipper, at the time PCs weren't that powerful so got a hardware decoding card and a DVD-ROM drive. Was amazed at the quality.
In the Line of Fire. It was barebones. Didnt even have a real menu. It was $40 BEFORE tax.

Got it in '98, the same day as my spiffy new $650 player with s-video connection. Very Happy
The Right Stuff
The Road Warrior
Quote: Originally posted by Tony DeFrancisco
Mine was Double Take and See Spot Run. I got them two days before the 9/11 attacks.

It's funny you mention this. I took 9/11 off from work because it was the Tuesday that Argento's Suspiria and Opera were making their DVD debute. Oops.
Taxi Driver.
Snake Eyes!
- -
My first VHS tape was The Lost Boys but never bottered buying it on DVD.  My first DVD was Terminator 2 (Ultimate Edition).
Mine was Double Take and See Spot Run. I got them two days before the 9/11 attacks.
Your First DVD was....
My first dvd was Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country. My sister bought it for me when she lived in the states for a few years.

The first dvd I bought myself was "Double Jeopardy", right after I bought my first dvd player, a Pioneer Multizone dvd player.