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Ah yes - Futurama - a great show - Has anyone heard if they are actually going to produce further episodes due to the popularity of the show on dvd?

It's a reference to an episode of Futurama she was on. Wink
Quote: Originally posted by Jonny "Me You"
[quote] Originally posted by Jeff Shute
[b]HAHAHA, Bea Arthur's old.

Yeah but she's great at giving snu-snu Wink
I there is an advantage of removeable dentures.... Very Happy
Quote: Originally posted by Jeff Shute
HAHAHA, Bea Arthur's old.

Yeah but she's great at giving snu-snu Wink
HAHAHA, Bea Arthur's old.
....or Golden Girls!
Depending on the DVD. Anything starring Gilbert Godfree will most likely lead to sterility.
DVD to pregnancy - isn't that a natural progression? Wink
How did this thread change the topic to upchucking? lol

Congratulations though Adam Wink
After watching my wife throw up (how many carrots can people keep in their stomachs?) heaps of times, thank the gods that I can't get pregnant either!
Plastic bags rule!
I've heard from my doctor that pregnancy is very much akin to going through Chemo-therapy, only the more brutal chemo side effects usually wear off after a few days and pregnancy is pretty much non-stop for 9 months. I sure am glad I can't get pregnant.Tongue
Knowing my luck it would be Estelle Getty..... Shocked
And to think my first name is Adam but I am known as most people's "Worst Nightmare".
Or maybe my wifes' who is now enjoying her fifth month of pregnancy (our first child) with 24 hours of morning sickness still......
Hey just to clarify for the curious - I used Me You originally because I didnt think I would post much, so I just filled in the First and Last name in the registration process Me and You. Ironic huh?

The reason I added Jonny (a shortened version of my actual name)in there a short time ago is because after all this time I didnt want to give the false impression I'm Asian or trying to be derogatory or anything.
Awesome Nightmare...If I get a night with Jessica Alba, I wonder what you get?

Are we the only ones above 1k?

Either way, I dont think DVD Answers has ever had as much participation. Way to go guys!
1000 Posts!
A milestone(?) of good, bad and ugly posts...

Ladies and Gentleman, I promise now to try and get a life!

Still can't compete with the almighty Jonny Me You! Smoking Cool