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Asda/Walmart scam

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ASDA is for pikeys.
Ah ha ha ha. I know I'm trying to quell the political fury on this forum, but this grab from the forums made me laugh out loud.
Ah haha
I like asda. asda is nice. never seen boobs there though.

Quote: And the down side is.....?That was the same thing I was thinking when I read this post.

Quote: Does Asda have McDonald just like Walmart?I know the three Wal-Marts near me have Subway's. Three Wal-Marts... Doesn't that remind you of the South Park episode?
Bloody hell I didn't realise that this joke was such a hot potato.
lol sounds hot
Though it would explain the vomit...
Apparently some do, although I wasn't aware of that.
Does Asda have McDonald just like Walmart?
Geez Floyd, look what your little joke has turned into! I can't wait for the next one! Wink
So basically, Walmart is like Asda, but they use bins instead of shelves and there are loiterers at the entrance throwing up... no wonder it has a bad reputation over there. Wink
Well, I don't plan on banning you, I just don't want the bosses to because I usually like what you have to say about films and such. I think the "spewing" people look like big enough asses that you really shouldn't worry about them.

I was serious about the puke thing though, I don't mean smell either, but straight up vomit sitting their at the entrance. I'm more of a Super Target guy myself. I admit the 4.88 bin does get my business on occasion, but here in the twin cities I've found some really great stores with really great selections for the same price. I wish Walmart would put the cheapo DVDs on the damn shelf so I didn't have to dig through them...
Whether you want to accept it or not Gabe, the fact is that the anti-Walmart sentiment is largely a political movement. You are absolutely right that there are people spewing this rhetoric that are simply parroting their mommies and daddies. Though the Walmart in your area may not be up to your standards, the store near me does not smell of "puke" at the entrance. It is a newly remodeled huge super center that is immaculate and has very friendly employees that are either incredible actors or seem to be happy with their employment. There are also tons of competitors in the area that don't seem to be negatively affected by its presence. Personally,  I enjoy sifting through the discount bins where I find some great titles (and bad ones) for $4.88 and $5.50.  Paramount just had a huge promotion there this week with a number of "A" titles at $4.88. My comments were largely directedtowards those who brought their snobbery if not their politics into the discussion. Hell, someone started a political fight over at the "Godzilla" post. I commented negatively towards both sides. I will always respond to these idiots. I don't tend to bring politics into discussions unless the DVD is a very political release such as any one of the Michael Moore a-hem, "documentaries" or political dramas such as "The West Wing." Allowing people to spew off without rebuttal is passive agreement. Ban me if you must.
I love it when you refer to anyone opposed in political opinion as "you liberals", Aaron. I see Ian was banned since I last visited the forums this afternoon. This "liberal" here understands that no one situatuation is as simply solved as stated in the American dream. I'd thank you to watch your language when it's aimed at other people here, and keep your over-simplified politics out of the forums, as simply telling an entire group of people to "shut the f**k up" based on the ramblings of one guy who's original remark wasn't well thought out enough to represent what the rest of "us" may think, isn't acomplishing anything. To the contrary, you're just adding to the overwhelming senses of misunderstanding and hatred that stems from people not wanting to here the other side of any story that jives with their personal beliefs.

Ian's a kid who obviously spouts off what his parents say, and probably doesn't have the information at his disposal to make any kind of intelligent argument up anyway.

I don't shop at Walmart because I swear there's vomit on the ground near the entrance. It's disgusting.

Now then, lets get off this dumb topic, and go back to talking about comic books and stuff Aaron, the areas I enjoy discussing with you.

*edit* uh, that should read doesn't jive. I messed up my slang there.
Well said.
I shop at my neighborhood Super Walmart. I refuse to subscribe to the irrational hate mongering of that company. In the U.S. you are free to work or shop wherever the hell you want. If you don't like shopping there or working there, shut the f**k up and either find another place to buy your c**p or look for another job. You liberals have way too much time on your hands. Go out and do something with your empty lives.
I never shop at Asda cause
A. It's far from my house
B.It's own by Walmart
I'm not entirely sure any of us thought you were serious. I can see how the first three posts (including mine, which it why I added in the winking emoticon later) could be read that way, but I'm still not sure that any of us took you seriously.

Also, I read the link, and Floyd was very much making fun of Americans specifically, but not from our site it seems.
Just recieved the Aussie version of this joke - a bit slow aren't we.... Embarrassed
Wal-mart owns the UK stores called Asda, my intentions wasn't to make fun of Americans I was just suprised at how stupid some of the people were who thought that I was serious.
i may have just peed my pants laughing
Floyd, I have a valid passport---where exactly is the Asda/Walmart?  Beats the Hell out of the geriatric "greeter" at my local WalMart!
Gabe Powers wrote: Floyd isn't exactly a noob...
I wasn't referring to Floyd. But he posted this on DVDReviewer's website and was making fun of us americans because some of the guys here didn't get the joke. So then a bunch of people were asking for the link of the site that he had posted it at so that they could come here and make fun of us. Here's the link:
Floyd isn't exactly a noob...
Great, now were going to have an influx of noobs posting lame ass jokes just to see if we "get it" Tired
Gabe Powers wrote: I was just trying to make an additional joke, but I can see how it may have appeared that it went over my head (I added a emoticon) The joke itself is an old one, it seems to have a location change here.

I figured you were Gabe from the smiley, it was the two people who posted before you that got me worried...
Gee Floyd, your pussy-cat wasn't hurt as well?
I was just trying to make an additional joke, but I can see how it may have appeared that it went over my head (I added a emoticon) The joke itself is an old one, it seems to have a location change here.
Nicely copied from DVDReviewer's forums, although it didn't go over their heads in quite the same way as it did here. I'm slightly concerned...
I'm not a fan of Walmart, but this doesn't appear to be their scam. I'm pretty sure they had nothing to do with it...though it does add some credence to their whole "service with a smile" thing.Wink
And the down side is.....?
Asda/Walmart scam
ASDA/Walmart Scam

Dunno how many of you shop at ASDA/Walmart, but this may be useful to know.
I am posting this to you to warn you of something that happened to me as I am a victim of the latest scam at a mall while shopping.

This happened at the ASDA/Walmart by me and it could happen to you. Here's how the scam works:

Two good looking 18 year old girls come to your car as you are leaving while you are placing your packages on the floor of the front seat.

One starts wiping your windshield with a rag and Windex while the other comes to your window saying "Hi" while bending over with her breasts almost coming out of her blouse.

It will be impossible not to look. When you thank them and offer them a tip, they say "No" and beg you for a ride to another ASDA/Walmart.

You agree and tell them to sit in the back seat. On the way, they start having sex with each other.
Then one of them climbs over into the front seat and performs oral sex on you, while the other one steals your wallet.

I was assaulted last Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but I couldn't find them Saturday or Sunday.

Be careful.