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A fascinating as all of these excuses are, they have nothing to do with DVD. Moving and closing.
You certainly have a lot of excuses for being a jerk, I'll give you that. And I don't have an alias here.

You can't just blame everyone else for your immature behavior. You're the one that gets on peoples cases if they don't like the things you like. I can't think of a single time someone called you out.

but hey, as long as you keep coming up with excuses I guess everyone should feel sorry for you. I've had friends with mild autism, and they never took the time to seek out trouble.

Oh, but as long as we're linking to our mother's books, here's mine:
Parent Friendly Early Learning
who cares about somebodys name, we all have are alias. so who cares who's name is who and blah blah, it's not important and interview is full of assholes like me and you and everyone is an asshole, people just suck, I suck, you suck so i've just given up on people
Here we go again....
Look man, I looked at it, that's enough proof. But at the same time, what does that have to do with you being a kid over the internet?

Oh and at the same time, your name is Ian Schultz... funny, you said it wasn't.
look, I don't or can meet you guys and I don't have really any proof except...

a book about bya my mam (i'm mention in the start and I can't show it to you)

and here is her myspace, my name is in the heros selection , I don't know anyway to proof it but I'm autistic