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9th December 2006 22:41  #1

Danny Storr Member Join Date: November 2005 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 161
Broadband provider in the UK
Hello people I`m looking for your divine wisdom on the above subject...

I`m currently with AOL on the gold package which is 1MB for £24:99 which is to be honest a bit of a rip off and thats why I`m writing this ,I`m looking for a cheaper alternative but with the same standards and support I currently recieve from AOL ..
I know that my local telephone exchange is still in the hands of BT so the likes of Sky and Talk Talk cannot offer me free broadband at this current time ,also that around me we can only get up to 2MB currently ..
So any ideas guys and gals ?? I would appreciate them

10th December 2006 10:27  #2

Kozinski Member Join Date: June 2006 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 235
Sky requires a BT line and a Sky TV package. So you may be able to get it.

I am moving to Sky tomorrow from Pipex thanks to their great price. However Pipex was a good ISP for me.  was on thier 2MB package at £24.99 for a long time and had very few problems, if any. But I recently have been hearing more and more problems with speed with them.

That's all the advice I could give you with confidence. Happy

11th December 2006 10:51  #3

scottmck Contributor Join Date: April 2006 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 393
Don't go with Bulldog whatever you do.  They were great until we moved house and wanted to cancel rather than transer the service.

Even though we moved on October 6th they kept charging and insisting that they were providing a service.  Last week they finally gave in and admitted they were wrong.

I guess the moral of the story is don't just go for the cheapest option; make sure they've got some kind of respectable customer service.  The problem at the moment with all the "free" broadband providers is that once you sign up, they've got you on the hook for at least 12 months and they don't have to treat you like a proper customer.  For example, there's no point fully staffing a call centre for a section of the company that isn't actually generating any money.

11th December 2006 20:33  #4

Danny Storr Member Join Date: November 2005 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 161
Thanks guys for the input ..
Erm but I`m now staying with AOL they have offered me Broadband Platium up to 8MB and a free wireless router for the same price as what I`m currently paying ..
I would have taken a sky TV package out to get free broadband for sure I`d love sky at home but when I enquired about they said they couldn`t supply me with the broadband package needed to get free broadband ..

21st February 2007 20:20  #5

chrischap Member Join Date: February 2007 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 1
Broadband provider in the UK
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