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Can a DVD player go into a DVD recorder/VCR combi?

Forums - General Chat - Can a DVD player go into a DVD recorder/VCR combi? 


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Thanks again I.P.

I'll give it a go.

Quick update...It worked!
All you need to do is link the DVD player to the DVD recorder via the scart socket. Then take a scart socket from the DVDrecorder to the TV. I can't really say whether you should or shouldn't use the AV2(Decoder) scart as that is usually reserved for a Satellite or Cable box if memory serves. I could be wrong. There are others far more qualified than me on these forums that could help you further.
Thanks I.P.

What I'm still most unclear about though is this: Does the DVD recorder/VCR combi need to be linked by a SCART lead into the Television using the AV1 connection sockets of both, and then does one end of a SCART lead from my old DVD go into the AV2(DECODER) SCART connection socket located on my DVD recorder/VCR combi to achieve a result?  Thanks to anyone who can confirm or deny if this works.

  Note: I THINK I may have originally WRONGLY referred to the AV2(DECODER) Scart connection as an AV2(INPUT) Scart connection.
As far as I'm aware, as long as the disc you're intending to copy isn't copy protected then your DVD recorder should be able to copy the disc.

I have a Sony Hard Drive/DVD recorder and have done the following before.

Copied Mini DV to Hard Drive.
Hard Drive to DVD.
Then at a later date copied the DVD back onto the hard drive.

So I can't see why your DVD recorder won't do the necessary for you. Hope that helps.
Can a DVD player go into a DVD recorder/VCR combi?
Without having to trawl through lots of tech-speak on various sites, can someone here please confirm whether I can directly input the SCART CONNECTOR from my old DVD player into the AV2 (the INPUT I believe) SOCKET on my new DVD recorder/VCR combi, to enable me to record a copy of a compatible dvd disc DIRECTLY  from the original disc playing in my old DVD player or not?  Now I know I can just record from the disc onto a videotape using my DVD recorder/VCR combi, and then from that videotape onto a new, blank compatible dvd disc using the same machine...but is it possible to do a DIRECT dvd disc to dvd disc using the above method?  I appreciate that certain content is "copy-protected" before anyone asks, and this is for copying a disc that has family camcorder footage on it.  P.S.-I'm asking before I try, as my set-up is already like "spaghetti junction"! Thanks.