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Quote: Originally posted by rob murray
i dont really care as long as what theyre writting isnt totally asinine

Oop, asking too much there buddy...uh, I mean, YO WHATS UPP IN HERE BOIIIII!!!1!!1!:clown:Smoking CoolVery Happy

(please don't ban me Tom)
i dont really care as long as what theyre writting isnt totally asinine
It really does not bother me i someone does that a couple of times, but after a while I get the feeling that he/she/it Tongue is in desperate need of some attention. :D
i hate when people use all caps!! its annoying and harder to read...
Na! u forgot the :crazy:!
Was my spelling too good? Didn't I use enough Smilies?
Right - you're banned Wink
I AM IN TOTAL AGREEMENT!!!! YOU GUYS R THA BOMB!!! :clown:CoolExplodeGeekKissSmoking CoolTongue

It's basic netiquette. Caps is akin to shouting. If you want to emphasis a point use italics, or maybe even caps as a one off. If everything is in caps it makes the person who wrote the message appear ignorant (and just a little bit stupid).
- -
I'm just curious about people's opinions.  Is it that insulting if someone is typing with caps on.  I mean, If the keyboard have the options, why not use it.  I'm not sure how or who started to say that caps on is shouting out loud but I mean, is it that big of deal???