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COMPLETE Bladerunner Soundtrack!

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Just a follow-up on this to let you know that this 3-disc soundtrack release of 'Blade Runner's' fabulous music by Vangelis is STILL incomplete unfortunately... Sad

A lot of fine 'cues' are still missing, although it IS a big improvement on the original 1994 release, which is actually just Disc One on this set.  For a good review of it now, see the article 'Blade Runner Trilogy Review' dated 9th December 2007 at this site -

I'm interested in this new 3 disc release. Has anyone listened to the new music inspired by Blade Runner yet? And if you have, could you hum a bit of it so that I can get an idea as to what the new tracks sound like?

I couldn't find a 'bootleg' with most of the stuff on it, but will own this immediately...especially since this features 12 new, unheard, 'Bladerunner-inspired' tracks from Vangelis too...

Addendum, today's the day music lovers, 10th December 2007, and it's now out. Happy
Think I have the bootleg album somewhere, with all of the stuff on. Can't remember off of the top of my head, but I got it during the days of Napster.
COMPLETE Bladerunner Soundtrack!
At last...I had hoped that since the 'Final Cut' DVD was coming out, that we might get this too if we were lucky, as OTHER 'more complete' soundtracks have been released on CD when 'Director's Cuts' DVDs have come out - such as 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' and 'Star Trek:The Motion Picture' as two examples.

As flagged up by today from this source -
it seems that on 10th December 2007, Universal Music is releasing a 3 disc 'Bladerunner' by Vangelis soundtrack with ALL the music...

ALL the stuff from the original incomplete release on one disc, all the MISSING music, plus 2 bonus tracks, on the second disc,
AND some completely NEW music by Vangelis INSPIRED by the 25th Anniversary Bladerunner release on the third disc...

Fantastic! Happy